Drink Review: The Scarlet Ibis Trinidad Rum

November 21, 2020
3 mins read

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A very special golden Trinidad rum, originally bottled for super-cool bar Death & Co. in Manhattan, The Scarlet Ibis is blended from rums aged three to five years and has been bottled at a higher than normal strength of 49%.

Scarlet Ibis Rum Review:

A deep milky brown with more brown than gold. The rim of the bottle, it turns out, is menthol green.

A surprisingly complex nose. It’s not unlike a good quality tequila in that a lot of layers are being mined from the rather simple rum base.

Some pungent notes of salt, with hints of crème brûlée and Tom and Jerry.

A slight bitterness on the tongue, a little saltiness and a bitter undercurrent. I almost get the impression of a very well-aged tequila, albeit a rum.

Long, a little on the hot side.

It’s nothing special, and it’ll be a challenge to find a better-reviewed rum than this, but this is one of those special rums that you feel like you should truly treasure. It is like having a high-end friend that doesn’t really mean anything, in fact, may actually be an enemy to your egos, but it makes you feel good to put the bottle next to the spoon and to take two fat long mouthful. 

I like it, but I like it for how it makes me feel. I probably wouldn’t have washed it down a second time, but I would have put it away with great cheer. It is a rum, after all. And it is one of the most expensive rums I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Still the price is a deterrent.

But then I think of the way it makes me feel when I pull that little orange twist top off, when I turn it upside down and take in the deep rich brownish green ooze, I think of the deeper rich brownish green ooze which lives on the crystal rim of the glass.

And the orange top is winking at me.

And I realize that it actually is quite a lovely rum.

I was alerted to the existence of this rum not because I maintained to know of it, but because a good friend of mine said that he knew of it, and that it was an excellent rum. And I can’t argue.

For me, it is not a rum of choice for every day imbibing, but it is a rum which you can put away for a while, and then pull out to drink a second time. Because the sense of provisionality is delicious.

And that is why we must be rid of the Single-Shot Liquor. It needs much maturation. After all, there is much rum in each bottle. For the sake of unique flavours and the wonderful things that heath and aroma or even flavour combinations can bring, the Single-Shot Liquor needs to be discarded.

But this is a special rum.

Scarlet Ibis Rum Review 1:

“The Scarlet Ibis is an extraordinary, slightly mysterious rum. The nose is a symphony of ripe golden fruits and chocolate, with a rush of warm, tropical spices bursting forth into an explosion of flavour at about the Irish Rover on his knees. The palate is full, spicy, and slightly sweet. There is a lingering, creamy finish with a pull of chocolate and passion fruit. The brand name is derived from the Scarlet Ibis, a bird with striking colors and delectable taste. What could be better than his incredible flavour paired with a sensuous lure like that?”

Scarlet Ibis Rum Review 2:

“Thanks to Joe Bermudez, the Scarlet Ibis is definitely an establishment rum. It isn’t in vain, though. I found it a rich, complex and tasty sipper. It’s got a deep amber hue, and is beautifully clear and shiny. The nose has the expected fruity notes, but is also laced with chocolate, vanilla, nutmeg, clove, and nutmeg. The mouthfeel is alluring, and the finish is long and vibrant. It isn’t too heavy or too light, and pairs well enough with almost any food, from spicy curries to fruity barbecue.”

Scarlet Ibis Rum Review 3:

“According to a note on the back of the bottle, the Scarlet Ibis was originally intended to be bottled at a slightly higher strength, but the company decided to offer it at the current, 49%. This isn’t the most premium of rums, but it’s certainly creative, maybe even daring. The alcohol is quite far up on the nose. As you breathe in, the extremely rich flavours come flooding in, with plum, caramel, spices, and cinnamon swimming in your mouth. The rum’s spice is on the fuller side, but the sweetness is on the weaker side, so it’s not too overwhelming. The lingering pepper provides a marvelous spice note as you finish the sip, and the spices and caramel are very nice in the finish. The chocolate is also on the light side but distinguishes the rum with an incredibly clean and sweet finish. The Scarlet Ibis is delicious, and is certainly a rum that has the ability to deliver a unique experience.”

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