Drink Review: Plantation Barbados 5 Year Old Signature Blend Rum

November 21, 2020
3 mins read

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A recent addition to the Plantation line of rums, this Barbados 5yo is packaged in a dumpier bottle, and with an age statement rather than a vintage.

Plantation Rum Review:

Plantation is known for their diverse range of rums, however, in the last few years their Signature range has taken off and grown in popularity.

The Plantation Signature range is comprised of 5 year old and 12 year old aged rums, blended from the most successful distillations from a farm in Barbados.

Plantation has several other ranges, the 5yo rum is one of the cheapest, and in many ways the easiest to do a side by side taste test with, which generally means that the 5yo is quite strong in taste.

The bottle is nice and chunky, with a gold metal cap and a black label on the bottom that’s a good size.

The first sip is as sweet as expected, but it’s a bit too sweet for my taste.A little further into the bottle I find it starts to work some magic. Fact – Rum isn’t a drink for the feint hearted, you need to have the stomach for this. Gradually I forget about the sweetness of the rum and allow it to take hold, which it does quite well.

This rum is as expected. It is a little too sweet for my preference, and as a mixer, it works quite well. The price is very good, for this size of rum at a 165ml bottle.

Value for Money 

Overall: This rum has a lot going for it. It is very well made, has a nice balance of sweetness and complexity.

I recommend this rum.

Plantation Rum Review:

Plantation Rum, famous for their signature line of rum, is another one of those brands that seem to be doing all the right things especially in the last five years.

It’s easy to see why this rum is so popular.

Drinks – 80 out of 100

A lot of the Plantation Signature series is aimed at the younger crowd, and that’s sure to appeal to many.

It is really nice on its own as a mixer, however, for those that want a good quality and sweet tasting rum, the addition of carbonation (or cola) can’t be beaten.

It’s not like Coca Cola to be harsh and the balance of aromas is excellent.

Plantation Rum is a fine addition that deserves to be tried. For be nice to think you had a Brand Ambassador taste test the rum I had the pleasure of drinking.

The produce is high quality and is affordable enough to be the best rum on the market.

Some others on the market are priced by the ‘flavour’ rather than the quality of the product, which is discouraging.

I think you get a bargain when it comes to Plantation Rum.

Overall, the rum is definitely worth a taste. It has a smooth taste that grows stronger towards the end of the bottle.

The aroma is pleasing, with even a hint of sweetness at the back.

If you’re after a rum that is going to be good to drink on its own, then the Plantation Rum is perfect.

You get more bang for your buck so to speak.

Don’t think that the price means the rum is bad, it’s one of the most affordable rums on the market, so don’t be put off by the price.

It’s a great rum and you can’t go wrong.
Plantation Rum Review

Plantation Rum is one of the most popular rums in the world and is main best selling rum in Barbados.

There’s a standard bottle form Plantation Rum and then they come in some great limited edition rums including the Reserve 7 Year Old and the Reserve 11 Years Old which are premium rums.

Plantation Rum has a distinctive flavour, a fruity nose and a smooth taste. It’s blended from many single estate rums from Barbados with a combination of age and processings.

Plantation Rum Review – The label is of decent design and color (dark green) with a gold-like border line. The font for the name is standard, but it looks good.

The bottle is black glass. It’s tall (in the sense of being wide) but average in length.

The neck of the bottle has a wide rubber band that holds the cap tightly.

There is a hand pump which is the only way to get the rum out.

Taste – 80 out of 100

Plantation Rum Review – This is one of the smoothest rums out there. It really brings out the fruit and makes it so easy to drink straight up, no mixer required.

It’s not the strongest rum, but mighty.

A good rum for the morning or afternoon.

If you’re looking for stronger rum, check out the 12 year old rum with the bronze label.

It’s actually stronger than the 5.

Mixed Drinks – 80 out of 100

Plantation Rum Review – This is by far my favorite rum to mix with, which is saying something because I’m a huge fan of Patrón.

If you like a rum that is smooth and strong, but not overpowering, you will have the best time blending it with a mixer or just on its own. I have to say the Plantation Rum works wonders. Carbonation is a hit with most people. It’s especially good with milk highballs.

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