Drink Review: Lemon Hart 151

November 22, 2020
4 mins read

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A big demerera rum from Guyana’s historic brand Lemon Hart, clocking in at a dangerously flammable 151-proof – 75.5%. Proceed with caution, this should only be used as a float for cocktails – please don’t drink it neat.

Lemon Hart 151 Review:

The lemon/citrus aromas from this one are in a class of their own, with a powerful maritime like scent. It’s slightly sweet and there is hints of caramel and vanilla. It has quite a massive (although obviously not as massive as the bottle) taste, with a rich and creamy texture, and a relatively dry finish. There is also a strong bitterness to it, somewhat like pure cane sugar. The Lemon Hart 151 also has a hint of menthol.

Lemon Hart 151, the taste has a nice and creamy texture, with hints of butterscotch. There is also a hint of bitter, although not as much as the aroma.

The Lemon Hart 151, a little warm, but would be equally good as a well chilled Margarita. Like most of the Lemon Hart 151 it’s a bit on the sweet side.

It actually tastes pretty much the same as the aroma, if a bit less robust. There is also only a very small hint of bitterness to it.

The Lemon Hart 151, an economical drink which is a really nice partner for whisky.

The Lemon Hart 151 is one of the most consistent rums I have ever tried. It doesn’t vary too much in taste, although the taste does become more pronounced depending on what you mix it with.

I think it is best used with a mix of whisky and cola, which would probably also serve as a good cocktail. I’ve tried it with a really nice blend of bourbon and rye.

Lemon Hart 151 Review 1: 

The less you drink the better this rum tastes. It is uncomparable with other rums or spirits. If you want to drink it as a mixed drink, add a little cola to it.

The Lemon Hart 151 is probably the best liquor I have tasted in my life.

This is a great brand and had its own history, the Lemon Hart 151 has a great story to go with it. As you can see, the Lemon Hart 151 rests on the legendary classic Lemon Hart 151.

Lemon Hart 151 Review 2:

Lemon Hart 151 is a tasty, smoky, sweet rum and it has a heavy punch to match. It tastes like jelly beans and it sticks to your throat, just like a cheap bourbon. The Lemon Hart 151 is sharp, like lemon soap, but man does it taste good. Add to good whisky and it is the best ‘moonshine’ on the market. Further, its 14.5% proof strengthens the whisky by limiting proof to 60.

This one turned out to be quite a surprise. I found this to be very smooth, with a well rounded flavor. It’s pretty strong for a rum, but about as strong as a Scotty’s Black Bottle of scotch. More proof on the side of what a real rum is.

Lemon Hart 151 Review 3:

In my opinion, this is the best 151 proof rum I have consumed yet (which is a darned shame). My taste buds were racing to the rescue, yearning for more. It was potent as well, and as I was writing this I found a way to better describe it.It tasted like Carnation milk.

I really can’t say much about this, since I really didn’t get much taste whatsoever. Even with ice, the taste was mostly nonexistent. Quite dissapointing. I found the smell to be quite alright, maybe a slightly off-putting lemon odor, but my palate didn’t sense much of it. The swirled crown glass did not enhance the taste of this little bottle.

Good luck to anyone out there who might try this. This was my first thought when I received this rum.

It remains to be seen whether or not this is a rum worth spending the time and effort to get unopened.

Lemon Hart 151 Review 4:

I cannot believe how much I liked this, although it isn’t one of those rums that I would use on the daily basis. The Lemon Hart 151 is reminiscent of a rich and strong double-distilled bygone era rum, with a taste and smell that seems to be from another century. I can see why the Lemon Hart 151 is so popular with rum enthusiasts, it is quite the true and old school rum. I can see having an adult beverage of this from time to time, and it would definitely be a welcome addition to any home bar.

One of my favorite rums, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. If you are a particular fan of coffee, cereal, or orange, then you may like this one. On the opening of the glass, the aroma was similar to orange or apricots, with a distinctively light floral aroma. The aftertaste was full of taste that was reminiscent of the orange tart, with a bit of sweet aftertaste from the alcohol and a touch of savory rounding out the finish of the taste.

The Lemon Hart Rum 151 tasted similar in smell and taste, and I can honestly say that you can drink this rum and not think about anything else.

The Lemon Hart Rum 151 has a light, pleasant aroma. It has a pretty mellow taste with a nice aftertaste.

Lemon Hart Rum 151 Review 5:

I thought this was a very good rum. It’s got a nice smoky flavor that’s similar to the taste of a cigar.

Besides the flowery smell, this is a pretty tasteless and uninteresting rum.

I was surprised when I first tried this Rum. As I am not a big Rum drinker, I really like Rums that are a bit stronger. I would probably not buy this particular Rum, but I would definitely try others, and this Rum was one of them.

Lemon Hart Rum 151 Review 6:

I like the taste and smell of this. This was a good drink.

This is surprisingly good. It’s more complex than I remember it being, and is, overall, a better drink.

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