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November 21, 2020
3 mins read

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Produced from French grapes harvested when frozen, then cold-fermented into wine, distilled five (yes five!) times and packaged in a fantastically heavy bottle, Ciroc is one of a new breed of ultra-premium vodkas manufactured in France.

Ciroc Vodka Review:

Why bother writing a review when everything has been said?

“Ciroc is the first premium brand of vodka to be produced using French grapes, harvested when frozen, then cold-fermented into wine, distilled five times and packaged in a heavy bottle.

Ciroc is served chilled to create a wintry feeling to the product whilst maintaining the original taste. The name comes from the Acronym for Cargo in Russian.”

An award winning vodka, ladies and gentlemen.

The drink is made in France. It is green from the bottle. It is unique. The bottle has the French flag design stamped on it and it is wrapped in a cardboard box, which in turn is wrapped in paper. There is a presence of class from Ciroc and in fact it oozes luxury.

Ciroc is a summery drink that you would certainly enjoy in the sun too. It is quite light and refreshing and after a couple of rounds, you may just feel invincible. This is a premium drink and it is also an amazing value, available at a very low price for a brand that is so well made.

Ciroc Vodka Review:

For those who love lovely flavour and aroma, this vodka makes a luxurious and seductive gift.

Leaning over a friend who is partaking in the frst round of Ciroc is the perfect way to see this vodka in action.

Ciroc is a great vodka and a great gift, and a very popular and raved about vodka, which is why it has gained a lot of praise. People often drink Ciroc as a pre-dinner drink, rather than opening up a bottle for a second round.

It is light and refreshing making it perfect for a modest amount. It is also produced very well and is made to a high standard.

Ciroc has a good balance between cooling the palate and warming the spirits, so you can choose how much you want.

The flavour is incredibly smooth and extremely lovely with a touch of fire at the very end.

You can choose the strength of Ciroc vodka you want. Though you can get quite drunk off it, it is made as a light vodka.

Ciroc Vodka Review:

One of the most popular vodkas on the market, Ciroc is usually served half and half with other delicious and refreshing alcoholic drinks.

Available both in water and club soda, this French vodka is as classy as they come. Each Ciroc bottle comes with a silver and gold foil wrapper that really does capture the essence of this vodka’s taste and style.

Ciroc is a French vodka that is distilled five times, filtered through a charcoal filter, and bottled unfiltered, simply to preserve the true taste of Ciroc.

This vodka is a lot cooler and clearer than some of its counterparts, being produced from French grapes instead of corn or other grains.

Ciroc is as classy as they come and, despite being slightly more expensive than some vodkas out there, we can all agree that it’s not well worth the investment.

The packaging really does speak for itself, and Ciroc even boasts a prestigious French glowing label that immediately impresses those around you.

Ciroc is an exceptional vodka, which is why it is so popular, and this is why it appeals to so many people.

The taste is smooth and burnished, and the smoothness of this French vodka can really help with any sort of party or situation you may find yourself in.

Ciroc is thoroughly chilled, refreshing, and classy, and this is why it is a well-loved vodka and what makes it so popular and reviewed so well.

Ciroc has the best packaging and doesn’t really need any improvements.

Like many other vodkas, this one can be rather expensive.

It can be bought online, at clubs, and bars, but many of these places only sell it in bulk, so you don’t get much opportunity to try it before purchasing it, which is a shame really.

It is a rather firm drink and doesn’t really soften.

This vodka is hugely popular, especially in the French county of Rhône-Alps, where it is produced.

What makes Ciroc so special?

Ciroc is produced with only grapes from Valle D’Aosta, which is the home of Ferrari, and the product has been produced since 2007 under the guidance of Anthony Garza, the brand ambassador.

“I liked it immediately,” he continued.

“I’ve dedicated myself to Ciroc ever since,” said Garza, noting that he’d first tasted the product at age 14, when his father took him to Las Vegas. “It was there that I fell in love with the spirit.

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