Top 5 Reasons for Having a Greenhouse

November 30, 2021
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Whether you live in the suburbs, a rural region, or are a full-fledged city dweller, the thought of having a greenhouse no doubt crossed your mind at one time or another.

After all, a greenhouse doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge glass structure like they have in botanical gardens. You can make a greenhouse work in almost any setting, given the right materials and the desire.

Not so sure you even have the desire yet? Maybe you’ll change your mind after checking out these top five reasons for having a greenhouse.

1. Greenhouses Can Be Very Economical

Inflation is making a serious dent on household budgets across the nation and the globe. Food prices have surged 30% in the last year, due to increased demands, a broken supply chain, extreme weather, and worker shortages.

And unfortunately, this is not a trend that seems likely to break any time soon.

The fact that growing your own food can be much more affordable than buying from your local supermarket is one of the primary reasons greenhouses are trending right now.

When you have your own greenhouse, you can worry less about rising prices at the grocery store. You can even sell your own goods to friends, neighbors, and at a farmers market if you get a knack for it!

That would certainly be a smart way to earn a monetary gain on your investment.

2. Greenhouses Let You Grow What You Want

As mentioned, the broken supply chain is affecting the price of the food you buy. And it’s also affecting the availability of what you usually buy.

However, when you have a greenhouse, you choose what to grow. You can grow incredible heirloom tomatoes for salads and galettes, fresh herbs to season your meals, carrots for stews and snacks, and even plants and flowers to adorn your home.

If you live in a medical or recreational marijuana state, you can even grow cannabis to make healing salves and tinctures. If this all sounds impossible, believe us, it’s not so challenging! On that note, check out this quick guide to growing your own cannabis indoors if your local laws allow it.

3. Greenhouses Can Help You Eat More Fruits and Veggies

With all the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, it’s near impossible to eat the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables.

But having your own greenhouse makes that so much easier. And satisfying!

Since you’re growing your favorite vegetables and fruits by hand in your private greenhouse, your desire to eat healthier increases.

You’re certainly not going to let all that fresh produce go to waste when you’ve invested so much time and energy in growing it! This is just another top reason for having a greenhouse.

4. You Know What You’re Growing in Your Greenhouse

Let’s face it: most of us have no idea where our produce comes from or how it was made. We don’t even necessarily like to think about that aspect of the food chain!

But with your own greenhouse, you know exactly what is in your food and you grew it. This is not only about having peace of mind (though that’s a huge part of it!) It’s also a wonderful way to take pride in the items you nurtured, tended to, and grew with the utmost care.

5. Greenhouses Maximize Your Green Thumbs’s Potential

If you are thinking about having a greenhouse, odds are, you already have some level of gardening proficiency. And a greenhouse is a surefire way to make the best use of your skills.

First of all, consider a greenhouse’s design. They are classic glass structures that magnify natural sunlight (or in the case of indoor greenhouses, grow lights) while protecting your plants from overexposure to the elements.

While the structure itself is incredible, you have to put in plenty of work, too. You’ll have to constantly measure the temperature and humidity levels while gauging the overall health of each plant.

Owning and maintaining a greenhouse is unbelievably satisfying work. And the more you commit to it, the better at it you’ll become. Sure, you’ll have to overcome a learning curve and there will be ups and downs, but you’ll conquer these and have a beautiful bounty to show for it.


These are just five of the top reasons for having a greenhouse.

You may have your own reasons for doing so, too.

But overall, when you have your own greenhouse, you can expect to:

  • Save money
  • Grow what you love
  • Eat more nutritious foods
  • Understand how you grew each crop
  • Enjoy a better sense of self-reliance as your gardening skills develop

With the right tools and equipment, and an unbeatable can-do attitude, these are all the things you can have along with your greenhouse.

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