Showcasing Madison’s Innovative Food and Beverage Industry Trailblazers: A Closer Look

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Welcome to ToastFried’s series on Food and Beverage companies who call Madison, Wisconsin home. In this article, we’ll be showcasing a diverse array of companies from innovative startups to established industry leaders. Madison, Wisconsin, with its rich agricultural heritage and thriving local food scene, is rapidly earning a reputation as a hub for food and beverage businesses. These companies all share an appreciation for quality, a commitment to sustainability, and a love for local produce and ingredients.


Founded by Dean Tompkins, Marc Anderson, Terence Barry and Walt Zeltner, AquaMost is a biotechnology company committed to creating innovative water treatment systems. Their patented technology provides a 99%+ kill rate on bacteria without the use of chemicals, primarily catering to the oil and gas industry. You can follow their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

MobCraft Beer

What happens when business students start home brewing in-between classes? They create a unique craft beer company called MobCraft Beer. With founders Henry Schwartz and Andrew’s twin brother at the helm, MobCraft began by brewing batches suggested by friends and family and quickly gained popularity. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Hy Cite Enterprises

At the heart of Hy Cite Enterprises is the design and manufacture of household products. Founded by Peter O. Johnson, their range includes home cookware systems and air purifiers. Further insights about the company can be gathered on LinkedIn.

Om Boys Food Movement

A food and beverage company, Om Boys Food Movement specializes in manufacturing tasty and accountable food.

Trilliant Food & Nutrition

From a micro-roaster in 1979 to a renamed, large scale operator in 2013, Trilliant Food & Nutrition has a reputation for high-quality, customizable products. Founded by Mondry Victor, their products range from coffee to nutrition-based foods.

Field Table

Field Table is the brainchild of André Darlington. It is a seasonal restaurant, bar, and market featuring natural wine, craft cocktails, and Ruby Coffee. You can follow the latest updates via Facebook.

Tribe 9 Foods

With a mission to improve people’s lives through nutritious and delicious food, Tribe 9 Foods was founded in 2017 by Brian Durst, Chris Feuille, Peter Robertson, and Stephen Ciurczak. Follow their journey on Facebook or LinkedIn.

State Line Distillery

State Line Distillery, founded by John Mleziva, specializes in spirits distilled from Wisconsin-sourced grains and botanicals, following classic Old World methods.

Sub Zero Wolf Appliances

Designing, manufacturing, and selling cooking and preservation appliances is what Sub Zero Wolf Appliances does best. With a network of distributors both nationally and internationally, their products can be seen in many households. Stay updated with the latest products on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Hartung Brothers, Inc.

Operating in the fields of agriculture and the food and beverage industry, Hartung Brothers, Inc. has its roots in Madison, Wisconsin. They can be found on Facebook.

General Beverage Sales Company

Completing our list is General Beverage Sales Company, offering a range of beverages for all occasions.

We hope you have enjoyed this exploration of some of the diverse Food and Beverage companies that make Madison, Wisconsin a vibrant and exciting place to work and eat. Stay tuned for more articles in this series, as we continue to explore other Food and Beverage companies around the world.


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