Kansas City’s Game-Changing Food and Beverage Industry Innovators Unveiled

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Hearty greetings to all Toastfried readers! Today, we take you on a culinary journey through Kansas City, Missouri, a city that’s a hotspot for diverse and innovative food companies. We’ve curated a list of exceptional companies that are leaving an indelible mark on the food and beverage industry. From pastries for your canine friends to cutting-edge energy solutions for the food and beverage industry, our extensive range of features promises an exciting read.

Our list of featured companies contributes not only to Kansas City’s economic growth but also adds vibrancy to its food landscape. Each of these companies is rooted in tradition, yet they are forward-thinking, inventive, and consistently deliver high-quality products. We invite you to join us in exploring their unique stories and offerings.

Equipped with a click-able link to each company’s website, this article conveniently guides you towards avenues where you can learn more about the products, innovations, and people behind these names. Let’s get started and dive into the appetizing world of these food and beverage companies located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Hawaiian Bros Island Grill

Immerse yourself in authentic Hawaiian cuisine with Hawaiian Bros Island Grill. Cameron McNie founded this vibrant restaurant in 2018, providing Kansas City residents a taste of Hawaiian culture through delicious plate lunches, sides, and salads. Follow them on Twitter @bros_hawaiian or visit their Facebook page here to keep up with the latest updates.

Three Dog Bakery

At Three Dog Bakery, founders Dan Dye and Mark Bechloff whip up an irresistible range of pastries for dogs. From biscuits to pupcakes, their products are sure to keep your furry friends tail-waggingly happy. Check out their Facebook page here and share in the joy of their delightful canine treats.

KC Bier

Founded by Steve Holle, KC Bier pays homage to traditional German beer styles with a rotation of seasonal specialties and unique biers in their Spezial Series. This distinct brewery accentuates their commitment to using authentic ingredients and brewing methods. Head over to their Facebook page here for more information on their latest beer offerings.

National Beef Packing Co.

Fulfilling fresh and frozen beef needs locally and internationally, National Beef Packing Company, steers ahead under Tim Klein’s leadership. Providing an array of beef products, they are a leading name in the Food and Beverage and Food Processing industry. Learn more about their offerings on LinkedIn here.

Russell Stover Candies

Take your sweet tooth on a joy ride at Russell Stover Candies, a brand cherished for its range of delightful candies. Founded by Clara and Russell Stover, it stands as a testament to the duo’s vision to uphold the joy of indulgent experiences. Stay updated with their latest offerings via their Facebook page here.

Milbank | Energy at Work

Engineered by Charlie Milbank, Milbank is a company that energy solutions for the Food and Beverage industry and beyond. Connect with them on Twitter @milbankworks and learn more about their initiatives on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

Associated Wholesale Grocers

Stay connected with Associated Wholesale Grocers on Twitter @awgcorporate to get the latest news. You can also follow them on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

FlexPro Meals

Explore the world of nutritious and delicious food with FlexPro Meals. Follow them on Twitter @flexpromeals and Facebook here to stay updated with their latest offerings.

J. Rieger & Co.

A legacy reborn, J.Rieger & Co. has once again established its roots in Kansas City after nearly a century since Prohibition. Founded by Jakob Riegger, today they offer a remarkable range of alcoholic products. To stay updated, follow them on Twitter @jriegerco and check out their Facebook page here.

Hostess Brands

Known for their fresh baked sweet goods, Hostess Brands is a trusted name in the packaged food industry. Their innovative approach to creating timeless treats continues to capture hearts.


Experience the delight of original cream-filled snack cakes and other classic treats with the renowned Hostess. Connect with them via Twitter @hostess_snacks, Facebook here, or LinkedIn here.

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