Exploring Bogotá’s Vibrant Food and Beverage Industry Leaders: A Toast

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Colombia, specifically Bogotá, the capital, has become a thriving hub for businesses in the Food and Beverage industry. Companies catering to various aspects of the industry including delivery, restaurants, e-commerce and more are flourishing in this vibrant city. Many of these companies are not only locally successful but are expanding their services throughout Latin America, creating a robust network of consumers and providers. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the key players in the food and beverage scene in Bogotá.

From startups like Foodology that are redefining food delivery services to established restaurant chains like Crepes & Waffles, Bogotá is becoming a food and beverage industry powerhouse. The Capital has witnessed the rise of numerous innovative startups that are leveraging technology to better serve their consumers.

Below, we discuss companies that are disrupting the market and offer insight into how they are changing the way we eat, drink, and think about food and beverages in Bogotá.


Founded by Juan Guillermo Azuero and Daniela Izquierdo, Foodology caters to the food delivery and restaurant industry. The company strives to provide both private and third-party brands with immediate access to network kitchens, thereby creating a new future for restaurant delivery brands. Currently, Foodology operates over 80 kitchens in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru.


Recognized as a leader in cloud-restaurants in Latin America with a presence in Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico, RobinFood was founded in 2018. Spearheaded by Jose Guillermo Calderon and Miguel Mc Allister, the company provides a cloud-based solution in the food delivery space.


Merqueo is a grocery delivery service offering customers the convenience of choosing from an array of products, including fresh and domestic items. Founded by Jose Guillermo Calderon, Miguel Mc Allister, and Sebastian Noguera Escallón, the company is based out of Bogotá.


CLUVI, founded by Fabian Carrillo, provides digital tools for restaurants to create smart menus, ultimately boosting their profitability. CLUVI digitizes customer service in restaurants, featuring smart menus, an address system, and reservation services.


Henry Sanchez envisaged Apparta as a restaurant-tech marketplace that increases productivity by offering whole-menu discounts on empty tables via their mobile app. The strategy has been tailored to meet demand by providing larger discounts during off-peak hours and smaller ones for high-demand periods.

Todos Comemos

Todos Comemos, founded by Mateo Cardenas and Santiago Espinosa, delivers pre-made ingredients that allow customers to prepare their favorite meals in less than 10 minutes for an average cost of $3USD per meal. This innovative approach brings a new way of cooking for consumers.


An initiative by Andrés David Galindo, Antonio José Plata Rodelo, Juan Pasquale, and Mateo Cardenas, Foody aims to provide nutritious food at affordable prices to the Latin American population.

Titanium Sports Nutrition

Titanium Sports Nutrition, a venture by Camilo Andrés Mora Osorio, Omar David Huertas Gómez, offers superior sports nutrition products. Their wide range of offerings boasts electrolyte hydration mixes, energy bars, protein shakes and so on.

Zen Foods

Founded by Samy L Bronsten and Santiago Santolalla, Zen Foods operates in the food and beverage delivery sector.

Onkore SAS

Onkore SAS, founded by Mauricio Boada, provides real-time data analysis solutions in the industrial and food and beverage sectors.

Crepes & Waffles

Founded by Beatriz Fernandez and Eduardo Macias, Crepes & Waffles is a Colombian restaurant chain with branches all over Bogotá and other parts of the country. The restaurant’s specialties are, as the name implies, crepes and waffles.

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