Drink Review: Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum

October 6, 2020
6 mins read

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The world’s top-selling overproof white rum, the legendary Wray’s dominates the Jamaican rum scene, accounting for over 90% of all rum sold.

Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum Review:

As I am writing this piece, I am a fan of Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum.


The brand Wray & Nephew has secured over 90% of the white rum market in Jamaica with the last ten years.


Soon after I got to Jamaica in 2013, I went to the duty free shop at the airport to buy some local rum.

Those were my days of drinking a whole lot of rum. I was a heavy drinker at the time.


I was eager to buy a local Jamaican rum as soon as I arrived to my hotel and experience its aroma and taste.

As soon as I came out of the duty free shop, I stood there for a moment, gazing at the tall airy coastline of beautiful Port Royal in the background, without a care in the world.

I was thinking to myself what kind of Jamaican rum should I buy on my first day in the country, after all there is so much choice now, compared to the old days.


Then a man drove up in his car and said “Hello sir”.

I looked at him and the car and realized there was something wrong with his eyes. I found out later that he was one of the former sugar workers who lost their jobs at the recently closed Tate & Lyle sugar factory in the small town of Santa Cruz in southern Jamaica.

Those are also known as “sugar babies”.

After the plant had closed in 2010, many of them were unable to find another job and moved into the dangerous world of illicit drugs.


This now had become a serious problem for the country since over 20,000 people lost their jobs.

I didn’t know what he was selling, but I said to myself that he is friend that can at least help me select a good Jamaican rum.

A number of new brands have been produced since the early 1960s in the boom of the Jamaican rum industry, most notably Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum.


Blackheart Rum, Appleton Estate and Myers’ Rum.

We were now looking at each other. I was thinking to myself that he may have been a drug dealer when he just stared at me.

I spoke to him looking firmly at him at at him for about 5 seconds.

I said “I am looking for a Jamaican rum for me. Could you tell me, which one to buy?”


He stammered before naming one of the three of the most popular Jamaican rums. By then, I had recognized the face of a former sugar worker and a widower looking for money to take care of his wife and seven children.


I told him about our kinds in Scotland and the don’t drink rum because he is a Widower.

He then decided that I should try the Wray & Nephew.

I said “What is Wray & Nephew?”

He said that this is the one that is the best and of high quality.


All he could say was that it was the strongest rum in Jamaica, and would give me the best value for money.

Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum is the world’s top-selling Overproof white rum.

I then found out that Wray & Nephew was also the world’s top-selling overproof white rum and a staple of the Jamaican rum industry for the last decade.

It is a blend of rums aged for up to 25 years, as well as a dash of spiced rum.

The Jamaican Rum is currently acclaimed for its intensity and smoothness.


In addition to the new overproof rum, I said to myself that the Wray & Nephew seemed to be a good solid choice and I decided to buy it.


I think to myself that I will let it sit in the bar and one day I will discover its mystery. I can’t wait.

I am thankful to the man for guiding me. I have made friends with the man and his family many times since then.

During the years, since that day he got me to buy the Wray & Nephew.

The Wray & Nephew has overproof versions and the bottling of the White Overproof rum is now said to be the world’s best-selling overproof white rum.

The most popular of all is the 81% Alcohol content of the Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum.

This is the liquor you don’t want to play with, because a lot always goes straight to your head.

The Wray & Nephew rum is said to be often used for its intense flavour in cocktails.


The company even created a White Overproof rum called the Wray & Nephew 151 Proof Overproof Rum.

It is bottled at over 81% Alcohol and is a part of the most powerful blend of liqueur in the world.

Jamaican rum is the country’s most famous commodity in the world and the Wray & Nephew Jamaican rum is the company’s leading brand.

Rum distillers pride themselves on the strength of their potent spirit.

The first thing you notice about the rum is its strength.

The Wray & Nephew is a viscous and powerful spirit.


It comes in a tall dark bottle, and the label comes in an old-fashioned green colour scheme.

The rums are hand-crafted for quality and are blended using sugar cane juice.

The Jamaican rum is a blend of rich aged Rums, and the ageing includes for up to 25 years, as well as a dash of spiced rum.


The new overproof Wray & Nephew white rum is said to come from a blend of rums aged for up to 25 years, as well as a dash of spiced rum.


This I found out, is the Maximus with an alcoholic strength of around 40%.


At first, I was a little nervous but at the same time I was embracing my life. I took my time with the glass of Wray & Nephew.

I will tell you that this is not your average cheap rum. It is an old-fashioned Jamaican rum that has been aged for a long time and made by a rum master.

I sat there on the couch with my glass of Wray & Nephew and a glass of ice drinking my drink in my best James Bond style.

I have to say that I ordered one on the rocks. I was trying to explore my liquid defences to the fullest.

I sipped the Wray & Nephew carefully and another layer of flavour emerged.


It is a complex Jamaican rum with a complex aroma have been made by using a special blend of rums that have been aged for up to 25 years, as well as a dash of spiced rum.

As soon as I returned to my drink, I smelled the alcohol and took a nice long sniff. Perfect.

Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum Review:

How is the taste of the Wray & Nephew?

As a true Dub, I tasted the Wray & Nephew and I have to say that it is a nice rum. In addition, the Wray & Nephew has an amazing flavour and it was good with a nice rum soda.

I have an English friend, Steve, and he told me that the Wray & Nephew will leave an imprint in your taste buds. I have to say that thanks to his recommendation that I tried the Wray & Nephew.


He told me that it was the best tasting rum that he had ever tasted.


There is only a little remaining in the bottle. I can’t wait to taste it again and give it a great review. It’s history and culture are fascinating in themselves.


Back to the rum.

In my opinion, the Wray & Nephew should be savoured in a very particular way.


I believe that the ideal way to enjoy Wray & Nephew Jamaican rum is in a cocktail.

Otherwise, you may get too hammered too fast.

In my conclusion, the Wray & Nephew is an unforgettable, exciting drink.

Just the kind of rum I like to enjoy in my favourite cocktail, the Rum and Coke.

I am a premium rum drinker and I say that the Wray & Nephew rum is 100% proof.


It is a modern, masculine, overproof white rum. It is also the world’s top-selling overproof white!

I have to say that the Wray & Nephew is the kind of cult rum that I would have no hesitation in recommending.


It has is a good intriguing taste and a flavour that you have never tasted before.

It is a good solid rum from the good island Jamaica. It is the kind of rum that is supposed to be savoured as it should taste.

There is no better rum in the world.


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