Drink Review : Tincup American Whiskey

November 19, 2020
2 mins read

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Tincup American Whiskey is the brainchild of Colorado-based Jess Graber. A distiller as a hobby for 30 years, he turned full-time in 2004. A high rye whiskey, made with a bourbon-style profile but more powerful and spicier, the cap also works as a cup.

Tincup Bourbon Review:

Refreshing and light, this whiskey is a welcome addition to the Bourbon selection. It’s a great introduction for those who are new to the Bourbon world (90-proof) and would like to taste a light-bodied, spiced and non-sweet whiskey that can be sipped from a shot glass. A great American drink!

Contains caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, cherry, caramel, cinnamon and brown sugar. A smooth and spicy flavor with a touch of sweetness.A fruity nose with hints of cherry & vanilla.

If there are barrels used in the making of this whiskey, I couldn’t find them in the Tincup Website.

The bottle is black and designed to hold a shot glass. It is a little heavy so make sure you secure it or it will spill over in transport.

I find that bottles can be a bit plain and so Tincup’s has a little creative twist. The picture is of Tincup using his bow and arrow to get a shot out of a bottle of Tincup whiskey. So creative!

The Tincup American Whiskey offers a good, easy to drink version of a Whiskey Kentucky also make, so if you’re looking to upgrade your collection, I would recommend you look at that particular Whiskey.

I’m a big fan of the Tincup American Whiskey, I’m not a Bourbon drinker, but I love to sip on a whiskey from time to time. If you are a Bourbon fan, the Tincup Bourbon will be good companion for you.

I recommend you check out Tincup and taste some whiskey, keep your money and taste some bourbon.

The Tincup Whiskey is a bourbon drinker. It’s not a spiced whiskey, it’s spiced with vanilla and caramel. The nose is strong with the vanilla being dominant over the caramel and spices.

This whiskey is smooth on the palette with vanilla is the dominant flavor. I found a touch of cinnamon and caramel in the mixture. The whiskey is not a spicy whiskey and remains smooth and light with the caramel flavoring it.

Tincup American Whiskey is an American Whiskey that has a twist or twist at that. The makers have utilized the bottle as a shot glass. The whiskey is a bourbon drinker but it’s the caps that are used as a shot glass and it’s very creative!

Tincup is a distiller as a hobby and has turned full-time since 2004. A high rye whiskey, it’s made with a bourbon-style profile but more powerful and spicier, the cap also works as a cup. The Tincup Whiskey is a great mix of sweetness and spiciness. It has a light fruity nose, as well as a touch of vanilla and caramel.

Tincup Bourbon Review 1:

Rich and spicy, the nose of this whiskey isn’t complex and there are only hints of vanilla and caramel lingering in the background.

The taste is the same as the nose with a hint of caramel and a tinge of cinnamon lurking in the background. It’s a decent whiskey but the caramel notes don’t compliment the flavor, leading to some harshness on the finish.

The Tincup Whiskey is described as a whiskey that can be sipped straight from the bottle. This whiskey is made in Colorado and an easy drinker. A great whiskey to introduce into an advanced Whiskey collection.

Tincup Whiskey packaging is elegant and has a twist on the bottle. Right in front of the bottle is a picture of Jess (Tincup) firing his bow and arrow and the words Tincup Whiskey.

Tincup Bourbon Review 2:

Tincup Whiskey has a decent nose, light fruity and sweet. There is a hint of vanilla and sweetness that provides a finish of caramel and brown sugar.

Tincup Whiskey has a good nose, light fruity and sweet. The taste is light, sweet and fruity, with hints of vanilla and caramel. The finish is smooth and goes well with the fruity notes. Overall I found it to be a good Whiskey with a strong fruity nose and a smooth finish. This whiskey is a great alternative to the more florid and spicy whiskeys on the market.

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