Drink Review: Matusalem Rum 15 Gran Reserva

October 6, 2020
3 mins read

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A super-premium rum of exceptional quality. Complex, yet velvety-smooth with a pronounced bouquet and flavour.

Matusalem Rum 15 Gran Reserva Review:

I have long been a cognac drinker and very rarely order a rum with my cigars. I think it would be fair to say I was a snob about rum, but that has definitely changed. While rum’s heritage is clear from reading about it, it seems that a lot of marketing has gone into the product that is out there today. I have tasted many Rums and have come up with my own ideas which, for me, are very reasonable. Rum is made form sugar cane and then distilled. There are two basic types of rum, pot-stilled and continuous. Although many rums are classified as a brandy, they taste nothing alike. Brandy is distilled brandy and rum is distilled rum, different ingredients and processes. They do have similarities which include oak aging. The truth of the matter is that brandy and rum have nothing to do with one another.

First, let’s talk about rum from the cane growing to the distilling. An average sugar cane in the south central region of Mexico is harvested 4 times in its life cycle. Each harvest contains about 30 percent sugar, which is extracted from the cane using a steam process. The extracted sugar is then boiled down to a molasses where the sweetness is in the high 70s to 80 percent. The molasses is then diluted to become a wash which contains about 15 percent sugar. This wash is then fermented then distilled and aged to maturity, which for rum is about two years. A distiller can usually use up to 25,000 gallons of wash a day, which goes into five 53,600 gallon copper pot stills. The resulting product is first and second distillates. The spirit coming off at ½ proof in strength is the first distillate; the spirit coming off at 180 proof is the second distillate, called low wine.

I have tasted many rums, and there are two that really stand out. The first is Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva which I recently tasted and it is unbelievably smooth with an amazing bouquet that will knock you out. The other is Ron Matusalem Platino, which is aged in oak barrels for at least five years and contains only the finest rum available and it is a must for all rum drinkers.

I am going to make some suggestions for the rum drinkers: The first is to have your favorite rum neat or mixed, but if you must, mix it with Coke or Pepsi; the second is to have your favorite rum as part of a personal concoction; third, have your favorite rum as part of a cocktail, you will love it. The final suggestion is to find out the rum that is the best and make it your own. Now, if you are in the mood for a smooth rum that other rums dream of, give the Matusalem Gran Reserva Rum a try. It is a winner, and my personal favorite. You will be hooked after the first sip!


Matusalem Rum 15 Gran Reserva Review:

The taste is smooth with a nice little bite. The rum’s color is a beautiful amber. The number 15 speaks for itself. If you are a “don’t even try to mess with me” kind of guy, then Matusalem Gran-Reserva number 15 is the perfect rum. I hope you will give it a try. Have a great cigar!!!

This is the best rum for RUM drinkers. It’s the smoothest I can find. I always get a bottle for special occasions. I’ve tried all the others and will continue with Matusalem. For your cocktail drinkers, you can’t go wrong with his one, either.

Matusalem Rum 15 Gran Reserva Review:

This is a rum not for dilettantes. As its name would suggest, it, in fact, is not a rum for beginners. It is a rum that must be tasted (or drunk) by one who knows what it is that they’re doing. But if you, as a cocktail devotee, will take it as your duty to become one who does (taste it), then you will smile from your head to your toes as you lower it into your mouth. Because in all its bulkness, its maltiness, and its tumult, it HAS to work in a cocktail, it HAS to be your favorite. So go ahead, pour yourself half a tumbler, and join the ranks of the world’s responsible drinkers.

Matusalem Rum 15 Gran Reserva Review:

I once thought that Matusalem was merely an industrial-grade, bottom-shelf brand. Then I took a few wide-mouthed sips of the 15 year aged rum and my whole world changed. This is the smoothest, most flavorful, and complex rum I’ve ever tasted. It’s got very deep color and the taste is dominated by vanilla and nutty chocolate notes, with just a hint of that alcohol bite at the end. If you’re a brown liquor sipper you can’t go wrong with this one.

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