Drink Review: Jim Beam White Label

November 20, 2020
2 mins read

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Made to the same formula since 1795, this giant of the category is aged for four years in oak barrels to create a smooth, mellow taste with hints of spice.

Jim Beam Review:

The Jim Beam White Label line of bourbons is a very popular choice to buy. It is a mixture of quality, high quality ingredients, and the first to go through a charcoal filtering process.

Upon tasting, a smooth and mellow taste will be noticeable. An excellent balance of spices and oak is found in the whiskey. It is well received by many consumers.

Jim Beam scores a whopping 96 out of 100 from customers who enjoy the drink.

Jim Beam Review 1:

Angel’s Envy is an amazing whiskey for transitioning to rye drinkers. It is a good one to start with.

Sipping it through a straw allows the sweet and spicy taste to come out. The drink is smooth, yet boast a complex taste that cannot ever be fully described.

It is a very good whiskey at a reasonable price. This is a must-try if you love whiskey, and want to see what a rye taste like.

Very few people know that Jim Beam was made in Lagrange, Georgia for over a hundred years. It is a beverage loved by many and has done an excellent job of balancing flavor and the taste of an oak barrel.

This is made with five different things; corn, wheat, rye, barley, and water.

The same formula for the Bourbon was passed down from James B. Beam Sr. to his son, to his son and grandson. It has been kept this way since 1882.

The Jim Beam White Label is one of the most loved out there. It is smooth with a hint of spice that is addictive to those who enjoy it.

A definite must-try!

Jim Beam Review 2:

This particular Beam is exceptionally smooth and is a definite must-try for those who enjoy bourbon. It is a drink that has been passed down through the family for a long time and is well-known and loved by many.

A well-balanced drink that you would be happy with.

The most interesting thing about this drink involves aging. This drink is aged for four years in oak barrels and blended. In order to make it more palatable to the consumer, the U.S. government classifies the drink as a fine bourbon.

The proof of the drink is 140 and the label features the front of the Lincoln Memorial.

It has a smooth, easy whiskey taste that is remarkable. Although the first taste of this will be very typical, the more you drink of it, the better you get. This is a very good one for those who enjoy bourbon.

This is a drink that does well for someone who enjoys the taste of whiskey, and wants to try a different one.

Jim Beam Review 3:

Have no fear, Jim Beam white label is an attractive and fun drink.

The taste is smooth with a touch of oak present. This mix is a very good one. Enjoy it.

Bourbonhue has to be one of the best all-time whiskeys and is so smooth. The taste is strong with a slight sweetness.

It is very mellow and smooth. There is something that seems to come out of the drink that is special.

This is a fun whiskey to sip through a straw. This is an excellent one to have.

Very smooth with slight hints of spice and a taste that is not too harsh.Very enjoyable.

The drink is a blend of corn, wheat, barley, rye, and water. Its taste is very smooth and clean. The drink is good to sip.

Very enjoyable to drink by itself.

Jim Beam Review 4:

This whiskey is, overall, an excellent drink.

The taste is very smooth and has a pleasant, enjoyable taste. The aftertaste is not too harsh and is enjoyable.

Jim Beam Review 5:

This is a very smooth bourbon that is good to sip. It is easy to drink and is very enjoyable.

The first taste of this is very smooth and enjoyable. The second bottle is very smooth.

This is a wonderful whiskey that anyone would enjoy. It is the favorite of many bourbon drinkers and is also the favorite one of people who do not really drink.

A very smooth drink that you will enjoy.

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