Drink Review: Buck Bourbon 8 Year Old

November 20, 2020
3 mins read

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An 8 year old Bourbon, Buck is made for 'ranchers and cowboys', although we're happy to let anyone

Have some no matter their occupation.

Buck Bourbon Review:

Aroma: Sweet and mellow. Has a sweet, vanilla-like smell with some rough leather.

Flavor: Has a sweet, vanilla-like taste. Has a very smooth, mellow and sweet taste. The taste is wonderful depending on the glass.It has a nice, mellow and sweet taste which is very smooth and easy to drink from a glass. It has a very nice mix of vanilla mixed with cinnamon and rough leather with a slight rubber taste. It is mild,smooth and has an easy on the mouth. However, it does not have a lingering after taste. Whenmixed with cola, the flavor seems to become a bit less sweet. It is good when mixed with beer or iced tea.

Good Notes:

Good flavor, flavorless.

Like many Bourbon this age, the flavor is very mild and smooth. It lacks the taste of woody flavors or the typical bourbon 'heat'. It lacks a little of the typical Bourbon taste which is hard to get correct when making Bourbon but is still soft and easy to drink. The taste is very light. After the first sip, it is obvious that there is no flavor of wood. It is sweet and has a very smooth, mellow taste. The flavor is sweet and has a very mild taste. When mixing it with soda water, the flavor will become more mild and less noticable.

The flavor is light and mild. It is mixed with cola and is not too heavy. It is kind of soft. The taste is sweet and has a mild vanilla taste.

There is a good taste but there is a type of sweetness you can not taste. It is very light, mild and has a slightly in a sweet taste. A very mild taste that is not very clear but definitely have that vanilla taste. It has a light taste unlike a typical Bourbon.

The taste is a bit lighter than expected. It is a good drink but lacks finish. It does not have a regular Bourbon flavor or finish. You have to emphasize to taste the bourbon.

Tasting Notes:

Light, Sweet and Light on the Pallet Mild and Sweet Light and SmoothSweet Neat and Clean Good Finish.When taken as a whole, this is an excellent Bourbon for someone who likes various flavors ranging from sweet to mellow. For everyone who wants a taste of pure vanilla flavor, this is for you.

Buck Bourbon Review 1:

Aroma: Sweet, vanilla, caramel, clove with a slight rubber smell.

An excellent Bourbon for those either fond of ' Ranch and Cowboy Type' period. For those who like simple flavors, this 8-year-old Bourbon will please.

Color: Heavy Colorless: Easily, this is one of the better Bourbon out there. The 8 year old is a great Bourbon for those fond of Vanilla, Caramel, Rough Leather and Clove taste. It is a great match for beer, sodas or Iced Tepid Tea.


In short, Buck is a nice Bourbon. Good for mixing with soda, beer and iced tea. It's not too strong and has a light flavor.

For those who like a sweet taste and do not like strong and heavy Bourbon. It is a very high quality Bourbon. It is a Bourbon that blends well with various types of drinks.

We recommend this 8 year old Bourbon for those looking for a good cigar taste and for those who are not looking for a heavy kick.


Buck Bourbon Review 2:

Color: Light Gray.

30% ABV

Bottled: 2005

70 Proof

Original Format: Bottled in Bond

Review By: Spottee


Sweet: Flavors of caramel, vanilla, burnt sugar, clove and cocoa.

Flavor: Nice and smooth with sweet vanilla flavor and a smoky, burnt sugar taste. You taste a bit of clove mixed in there.

Mild. It lacks the typical Bourbon taste.

Body: Medium to Full. It has a good kick that lasts for a little while. It is on the lighter side for a Bourbon.

Cigar-like Final Verdict: For those who like strong taste Bourbon Whiskey, or even, for those who like a light cocoa flavor.

This is not a strong Bourbon and it lacks the typical feel, but it is a good Bourbon that stands out for the Bourbon Bourbon lover.

Buck Bourbon Review 3:

An 8 year old Bourbon that is good for mixed drinks. Straight up is way too strong for most people. If you like a light Bourbon, order it. It is not a strong Bourbon. If you're looking for a non-alcoholic Bourbon, stay away.

1.Let's start with the good stuff. The price; it's already reasonable for a Bourbon. It's not a high-end Bourbon, but it is worth the money. The 8 year old 8-Oh is also really good from what I've read and tasted. It is smooth and easy to drink. Basically, if you like sweeter flavors, try it. The finish is neat. It probably won't be enough to really make you feel the sting you want in your mouth. But, there is a hint of cinder and smoke when you swallow. It is good. It is sweet. It seems to be more on the caramel side than the vanilla. The taste is smooth.

The smoothness is pretty much the only strong point. It is what makes it good. There will be a hard time making this Bourbon full-bodied.

The taste is smooth like melted marshmallows. There is almost no taste of bourbon, but more of the caramel and melted marshmallow side.

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