Drink Review: Gran Patron Platinum Tequila

October 6, 2020
3 mins read

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The first ultra-premium silver (blanco) tequila in the world, Gran Patron is a triple-distilled aged tequila that has had its colour removed and claims to be the world’s smoothest sipping tequila.

Gran Patron Platinum Tequila Review:

Gran Patron Silver is packaged in a nice curvy glass bottle. It’s treated like a designer liquor, with a sticker with the Patron Headdress on it; if you take the top off it, inside the bottle cap is a little atomizer thingy that has a whole bunch of Patron symbolism on it. It seems very pretentious, but it’s not that annoying. The bottle itself is frosted, but not in a sexy way, more like that it’s been in the freezer. It’s a stubby, squat-looking bottle, so if you have narrow shelves in your liquor cabinet, you’ll have to hold it by the neck. Tip it back and you get aroma of roasted agave; nothing else is distinctive.There is a slight burn, but it’s not overbearing.It’s a little sweet, almost like it’s caramelized. It tastes like a medium-quality tequila at first, but gets better as you get to the end.It’s smooth and buttery with a bitter little kick at the end.The aftertaste is pleasant while not lingering overlong.


Mixed Drinks:

I’m not that much of a mixed drinks guy so I have zero history with this drink. I tried it in Cuba Club, or OJ’s cuba libre red as better know, and blanco as it is called, is the best way to drink it. It’s pleasant enough, but it gets a little lost in the mix.

This is one of the best silver tequilas I’ve tried. It’s smoother and less dry than Patron Silver, and I recommend it for sipping. If this is the first time you’ve tried Grande Patron Blanco, look for the extra-premium Gran Patron Anejo, which is aged in whiskey barrels, and then Grand Patron Ultra-Anejo which is aged in cognac barrels — they’re even smoother and better.

Gran Patron Platinum Tequila Review

Would I buy it again?

yes, yes I would

Gran Patron Tequila | Feel Like a Man & Sip Like a Scholar

I’ll bet you’ve never read a piece of writing about tequila that contains the words ombligo, erotica or cicada. Yeah, I didn’t think so. And that, my friends, is what makes this piece of writing so special — it’s not your average, run-of-the-mill review. Enjoy.

Gran Patron Tequila : It’s Quite Filling

I’m never really sure how, or when, I’m going to feel it. The mind is quick to rationalize away the effects of those beautiful brown bottles.

El Agave – the agave lives near the top in the warm April sun, and its leaves tend to be more yellow than the lower leaves. This tells us that upper leaves are tighter and more compact, while the lower leaves are catching the sun and open up into fans. These are the root systems of the plant, and are integral in its growth. Fall in love with someone new, many times, it doesn’t really matter. Go get the stuff you like. This is good for you.

Just under a year ago, I had a seemingly mundane moment in my life; I had been unemployed for several months and had left my failing relationship of 2.5 years. Both were times of great self-discovery. I was growing into the person I wanted to be, at a breakneck pace. My body was changing and I felt great. This newfound optimism and ability to dream again seemed to be slowing down. I was getting older and it was becoming difficult to be as enamored with life as I had become.

Gran Patron is one of the best tequilas on the market today. This is my first time having a tequila with 43.3 percent alcohol and I have to say it feels good. Well, I enjoyed my visit to Handy Liquor in Vancouver, WA and now it is time to review the Gran Patron Platinum.

This is the El Silencio. Here is an infographic about the traditional production of Tequila and also a short audio interview with one of Licoreria’s Doña Maria Angela Lopez II. The next series of photos is a mural of a girl depicting the legend of La Llorona (woman of tears).

At the end of the tour I learned a ton of information about the process and history of tequila. I also learned that most tequila is flat, with water added a few days before bottling. This allows for a smooth, burn-free taste when drinking. Remember that this is Mexican Patron and it tastes smooth. There is no burn to this Patron, only the sweet taste of a better life.

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