Drink Review: George Dickel No.12

November 20, 2020
3 mins read

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Recently awarded a massive 93 points from the Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago, fending off stiff competition to win a Gold Medal at their American Whiskey Tasting.

George Dickel Whiskey Review:

Appearance: Clear, as one would expect, but deep amber in the glass.

Aroma: Fruity, citrus characteristics, slightly reminiscent of a ripe orange, perhaps with a bit of lemony zest thrown in.

Palate: Smokey without being overpoweringly so, and a bit of that citrus tang still lingering on the palate. Almonds coming in, tasting like those in a smooth chocolate candy, then some caramel for a bit of back end.

George Dickel Whiskey Review:

This is a great example of a single malt aged for 12 years, and it proves to be smooth, exciting and gorgeous on the palate. This whiskey couldn’t have come in soon enough. In my humble opinion, it’s poetry in a glass that I think is well worth spending your money on.

Ready to get serious? Get the new George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey, aged in American white oak barrels. Check this out: the American Oak’s combined with the straightforward oak used before are what help this whiskey reach 93 points.

George Dickel Whiskey Review:

I got a chance to sample the new George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey and it is a winner if I know George Dickel and Jim Rutledge, I’m sure they will be quite pleased with the results.

The new George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is 100 Proof (57.1% ABV) and is aged up to 25 years in cask. As you count the barrels, the brilliance of the cubes begins to take form and as the barrels get older and the whiskey mellows, the flavors really start to roll around and come into balance.

I realize it’s early in the game, but the results are excellent. One good thing about bourbons and whiskey is that it take time to get to know and love them, so if you’re a new member and want to check out George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey, the time is now.

Apparently the new George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is getting rave reviews. I know one person who got his hands on some and he states that it’s an award winning whiskey and a delicious dram.

The George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is aged to perfection. That’s what the folks at George Dickel have done with their new Tennessee Whiskey because it is aged to perfection.

The George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is a limited edition product for the distillery and one they would like to bring to market in a limited supply. This is because they promise the whiskey they receive from their barrel-aged Tennessee whiskey will be “the best and only” whiskey they could produce.

The George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is made with a generous amount of rye in the mash bill. Ryes do not often get along with oak, but when you do, it can tilt the Kentucky Bourbon too far in the direction of being cloyingly sweet. The George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is proof of this; it’s not sweet, but it still tastes like bourbon and lasts for many margaritas. (Ambien)

The George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is an oak-aged whiskey and this aging process is also the one that built the Kentucky brand into the large whiskey it is today. Josh Rutledge, fourth-generation master distiller, ages the whiskey for up to 10 years in barrels that are carefully chosen by Rutledge himself.

The George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is the pinnacle of the George Dickel name. This twenty-five year aged Tennessee whiskey is the result of only the finest quality rye and American oak. After double maturation, the whiskey is bottled in July of 2016 in a new American-made bottle in the United States.

The George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is a premium single barrel whiskey bottled at 123 proof.

The George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is bottled as such by the distillery. Upon opening the bottle, this whiskey is appreciated more for its scent than for how it tastes. This whiskey smells remarkably good, with aromas that are woody, but also complex and pleasant.

The fresh rye aroma is present and ready to pick up all of the woody and other aromas present. The whiskey is extremely sweet without being syrupy or particularly fruity. The small amount of rye makes this whiskey an extremely approachable and delicious whiskey to drink straight.

The George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey isn’t particularly spicy so the spice of the wood and the bacon are the dominant flavors in the body. The wood is somewhat overpowering, but the vanilla and other sweeteners keep the sweetness down.

The smoky finish is complex and unique. It’s like taking a stroll along a country forest trail and getting to the edge where the forest empties out and you get to sneak a look at the lake. The woods are there, the sweet notes of the syrup are there, and then the lake and the alcoholic notes are there to take you down a sip and get you feeling marvelous.

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