Drink Review: Don Q Cristal Rum

November 21, 2020
3 mins read

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Don Q Cristal rum is a multiple distilled white rum produced at DestileriaSerrallés in the town of Ponce in southern Puerto Rico. Aged in American white oak barrels to round out the spirit, this works well as a replacement for vodka in a variety of cocktails.

Don Q Cristal Rum Review:

Appearance: Light golden brown in color. This rum is allowed a lot of barrel to mellow the flavor so that the flavor is neither overpowering nor uninteresting. The bottle is elegant and attractive and how could it not be with a bottle like this.

Nose: Lightly sweet with a great party in the air.

Palate: Smooth and subtle. The agave used in this rum is from the wild strains of Mexico and is a lot better than the one “poster child” Agave, honeydew. The versatility of the rum is the best in a blend vodka drink, mixed with vanilla ice cream and topped with some grenadine.

Mixed Drink:
The easiest thing to do is use the Vodka with the Cream or Pudding to wash down the rum. This combination of two things is the most popular use for this spirit. After that, go crazy with the fruits: banana, pineapple, and so on. When creating a new one, don’t forget to add your favorite liquor to the drink. In this case, rum, scotch, tequila, bourbon, rum, amaretto, etc.

Don Q Cristal Rum Review 2:

If you decide to try this rum for yourself, please take following into consideration when ordering.

Make sure you order the product within four weeks of you squeezing your first. You can process the bottle in a water bath and leave it in there to steep for another week.

Use the most intense method to open your bottle.

Order your Don Q Cristal Rum in the biggest bottle you can buy.

If you are someone who is used to drinking a lot of rum-based drinks, give this rum a good try. I recommend you at least give it one shot (pun intended).

Don Q Cristal Rum Review 3:

This is a white rum and not aged like most white rums are made. It is made with vanilla, cinnamon, and banana. There is only one word to describe this drink, this is a yummy drink with its tastes coming from only the finest ingredients known to man.

Appearance: This bottle is rare and famous, the outside bottle is beautiful. The inside bottle shows the same care put into designing the bottle, it is a typical full-bodied rum bottle.

Nose: This nose smells sweet, with a beautiful cinnamon scent.

Palate: Very smooth rum, it has a very pleasant aroma and also tastes just as good.

Mixed Drink:
This would go well with the Banana Daiquiri. This is a great rum to use for anyone. Especially when going out to a party or bar.

If you are someone who likes to drink various different rums but is missing that taste that makes you want to order the same thing over and over again this is the rum for you. It is a sweet rum, smooth and very delicious.

This rum is great to have if you are having trouble deciding what to drink: alcohol or not to drink.

Distillery Notes:
Don Q Distillery puts yummy mojo on all of their rums. The name is a direct homage to the Puerto Rican town of Ponce de Leon. This town can be seen in Distilleries that have “de” in their name.

Don Q Cristal Rum Review 4:

Appearance: This bottle is also beautiful, it has great workmanship on the bottle and inside. It is also very strong, you can feel the strength of this bottle.

Nose: This is a rum to be enjoyed with its being in the hands. The scent is light and sweet, which leads you to a soft subtle scent. It is great with other bottles but easier to enjoy by itself.

Palate: Very smooth and very enjoyable. The flavor stays smooth until the end. The taste is great with a pleasant ending.

Mixed Drink:
Try it in a chilled glass of ice to add to your tropical drinks.

This is actually a nice rum. This rum is very smooth and has great taste. I believe this is a great rum for mixed drinks. Try the rum in a chilled cocktail and see if you don’t become attracted to it.

If you want it in a cocktail add it to the drink when you order. Not when it’s out of the refrigerator. When this is chilled, it is great in drinks.

Don Q Cristal Rum Review 5:

This is a rum made by Mount Gay, and is a member of the Bacardi Distillery. The distillery is named after the famous Christopher Columbus. This rum is made in the Caribbean and is full of sugar cane, a deep rich and sweet taste.

Appearance: This rum bottle has some nice work on the bottle but nothing spectacular about it. The bottle itself is not that attractive but it looks to be good quality and made well.

Nose: The nose of this rum is not that strong, when you take a whiff you can tell it is a very sweet rum. It has a very light smell from the sugar cane it is made with.

Palate: This rum has a very sweet taste that sticks with you until the end of the bottle. This taste will keep you coming back for more.

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