Drink Review: Atlantico Reserva Rum

October 26, 2020
3 mins read

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Atlantico’s Reserva rum, solera aged and already a hit with writers and bartenders across the USA.

Atlantico Reserva Rum Review:

Atlantico Rum is a premium spirit made by Spanish rum company, Atlantico. Atlantico Rum is 100% made in each of their European master distilleries in Jerez de la Frontera, Jerez, Spain and Ponte Galeria, Maiorca, Spain. The name Atlantico (Latin for Atlantic) was chosen to pay homage to the aromatic olive groves that line both Atlantic coasts of Spain. 

Pledge the brand, drink the rum, enjoy.

Atlantico Rum Review: Atlantico Reserva Rum. This is a Plantation Rum agricole made in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. It is a beautiful rum made by a very reputable company. The Rum is aged in 2 unique Spanish oak barrels and the process of making the Rum is artful and creative.

Atlantico Rum Review: Which Rum? If you have asked yourself this question, then you, my friend have been listening to years of slander and false information in the rum world. As you are reading this you have picked up one of the most exclusive, engaging and creative in the world of fine rums. You have picked up one of the most prestigious with a superb variety of features that everyone wants to own a bottle of. You have picked up a rum made from 100% Spanish Agricole rum. There is only one, Atlantico rum, the empire of rum on the market today!

Atlantico Rum Review: The Rum: This rum was not manufactured for 2 years. Atlantico Rum was created by a young Spaniard named Ángel Gandillero. The rum is made from Dark Vary aged rum, there is a difference and it is called character. Most of the rums today made are so sweet that they lack the resiliency and more importantly, character.

Atlantico Rum Review: The Rum is not aged in barrels, the Rum is: Atlantico Reserva Rum is made out of 1 type of Spanish oak, Naval Vary. This special type of oak is so rare and hard to access like the virgin heart of the oak tree. This Rum is called a solera and it is aged in 2 different types of barrels, the flavour of the rum changes in each barrel, it’s like a collaboration between the rum and the oak.

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Atlantico Rum Review: The Rum is made up of vaca fina de la Tierra de la Vega and white selachon of the Eastern Spain. These are the two main types of wine grown up in Andalucia. The rum is Solera Aged in casks that were previously used to age wine for many years. The first solera vada is made up of dark vinegar barrels where it is from 6 months to a year old. Atlantico will age this rum in this cask for 5 years.

The second solera vadio is made up of wine barrels where it is from 2-5 years old. Atlantico Reserva Rum will age this part of the solera for two years in this specific type of cask. Then the rum is moved into steel vats where it will be left to mature for another 17 months. Then the rum is moved into small, Spanish oaks antiqued barrels (also aged and used for ageing wine).

Atlantico Rum Review: The Rum is very strong will drink very well on the rocks or in cocktails. Bringing the rum together is a very interesting Socarrat and oak synergy experience. The Rum is sweet and mellow from the wood but is knocked forward by the Socarrat. Taste, Character, The “X Factor” as we call it is produced because the rum was made from 100% agricole and oak aged rum. The rum is a very classy rum that is probably the best rum I have ever tasted by a mile. It is so sweet, sophisticated and rich with character and taste.

Atlantico Rum Review: The Rum, The Atlantico Reserva Rum Will be sold in 500 ml and 750 ml bottles. The bottle is a magnificent opaque glass bottle with a very beautiful and rich gate of silver. The rum is accompanied by a traditional cork so that the rum can be closed and secured to the bottle. The cork keeps the rum secure to the bottle and unfortunately it is the only security that the cork offers.

Atlantico Rum Review: The Rum is the best rum that I have ever tasted and after all of my tasting the rum in 2005 I was surprised to see that this rum is finally being made and is now on the market. The rum is an expensive rum. The 500 ml bottle retails for $65 and the 750 ml bottle retails for $115. Atlantico is not like most other Rum companies. Atlantico does not follow the trend of typical Rum companies that give you the original designation of molasses sugar as a way to give a cheap price and useless flavour.

Atlantico Rum Review: The Rum is made from 100% Agricole and barley rum and the rum is aged in some of the most interesting and creative oak barrels ever made.

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