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6 Underrated Diet Cookbooks Worth Your Attention In 2020

These cookbooks deserve some more recognition

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If you’re serious about dieting, a lot of it is about research. We see articles on one side saying that X ingredient is good for weight loss while the article next to it saying the opposite.

To get the truth once and for all is impossible. But we’ve researched for some time and have dug out authors that are speaking out about good directions to take with dieting. Their effective yet simple advice is fair and easy to follow. 

We’ve picked a range of cookbooks and nutrition information books that’ll get you on your way. Whether you’re struggling with following one regime, or if you’re not enjoying food anymore, these amazing books will give you some guidance.

The Zen Beach Diet by Kristy Alford

This product was recommended by Kristy Alford from Slim Birdy

The Zen Beach Diet by Kristy Alford

After trying the many extreme diets for weight loss, many are finding they are losing their health as a consequence and are searching for better answers. The Zen Beach Diet is a refreshing approach that favours health, healthy hormones and a fast metabolism with balanced, sensible approach not seen in a long time. The book includes information, food guides, a how to build your own meal plan formula as well as a 7-day meal plan and new recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Beautifully photographed by professional photographer Adrian Alford, it features amazing food images and a stunning collection of beaches from around the world. Enjoy the stunning view as you learn how to finally get your health and weight on track and into the Zen Beach vibe.

Lean & Clean by Hannah M Janish

This product was recommended by Stephanie from Mommysaurus

Hannah is a vegan whose way of eating allowed her to lose 70 lbs without cutting out carbs. Lean & Clean goes over food nutrition and includes a 14-day meal plan to give you a blueprint for losing weight. Also included is an exercise plan and a grocery shopping guide to make this a complete all in one program. While recipes are included, you can find even more delicious and inexpensive meals on her YouTube channel since she is an active YouTuber sharing her continued weight loss journey.

Always Hungry? by David Ludwig

This product was recommended by Lisa Cain from Snack Girl

This book features an evidenced based approach that will help people lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. The recipes are great and keep you from feeling hungry. I love this book!

Instant Loss Cookbook by Brittany Williams

This product was recommended by Stacie May from Lucky Watcher

The author of this book struggled with weight her entire life. She lost over 125 pounds by using her Instant Pot and making all her meals from scratch. In honor of those 125 pounds lost, she gives you 125 recipes for your instant pot and pressure cooker in this cookbook. If you’ve been struggling with your weight, you’re going to want to use this cookbook.

Eat to Live Quick and Easy Cookbook by Joel Fuhrman

This product was recommended by Scott Fanello from Eternaloak LLC

We all want to lose weight. We all know we should eat more fruit and veggies. This book combines the two in a way that’s finally delicious. In this book, Dr. Fuhrman teaches you how to supercharge your energy and drop weight like a mad person by consuming monster amounts of fresh and cooked vegetables, fruits, beans, berries, and nuts. Between the smoothies and salads you’ll always be full. With all the extra vitamins and nutrients, you’re body will love you for it.

Enjoying Food Peace by Bonnie R. Giller

This product was recommended by Rebecca Peaslee from 310 Nutrition

Enjoying Food Peace is an anti-diet, “diet” cookbook that is based on the concept of intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is a practice that can help individuals reach their health and weight loss goals while honoring their physical and mental health, ultimately rejecting diet-mentality and all that comes along with it. This recipe book not only includes nourishing and indulgent recipes but also goes into the basics of intuitive eating, giving readers the knowledge of what is it and how to practice it day-to-day. Another reason for recommending this book is that it’s written by a Registered Dietitian. When looking for food/nutrition books (especially diet books), it’s important that the information is coming from an expert in the nutrition space to ensure the information is accurate.


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