Tips for Hosting a Bourbon Tasting at Home

December 3, 2021
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Tips for Hosting a Bourbon Tasting at Home

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Tasting crazes come and go, but the tasting of excellent bourbons has stood the test of time and is going nowhere soon. Tastings are a fun way to gather friends and enjoy an evening of sipping, laughs, and the discovery of new liquors. Try our tips for hosting a bourbon tasting at home and start building your bourbon collection while creating great memories.

Send the Invites

Make your tasting a big deal with formal invites. A formal invitation doesn’t mean the gathering is stuffy; it lets people know you’re organizing something nice, and their response is appreciated. An invitation can be a text or something creative sent through the mail. Get people excited for your tasting event.

You can even request certain things to make it more interesting. Give your tasting a theme and ask friends to dress accordingly. Or focus on the snacks, which are very important when everyone is drinking. Ask each guest to bring a snack to share. And while you’re at it, recommend that your friends share designated drivers or spend the night.

Choose Your Bourbon

It sure would be embarrassing if your guests showed up and you’d forgotten the bourbon. Make that’s the next thing on your list.

To make things interesting, have a variety to choose from. Grab a few inexpensive bottles and a couple of high-end bourbons. Don’t worry if you aren’t experienced. There are plenty of ways to find high-end bourbon, including researching online. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s fun to see who prefers which bourbon.

Use Proper Glassware

Glassware designed for liquor is created purposefully so all our senses can experience our drink. For a bourbon tasting, you’ll need a rocks glass or Glencairn glass. Both offer wide openings for the enjoyment of the bouquet of your bourbon. They also allow a spirit to breathe. No red solo cups, please.

To Label or Not To Label?

During a tasting, you can choose to expose the labels of each bottle so that everyone knows what they’re tasting, or you can have a blind tasting and cover up the labels. In the case of the latter, number each bottle or glass once it’s poured so guests may write down their likes and dislikes. After everything is tasted, reveal the bottles; everyone will get a kick out of seeing what they preferred. The blind test helps the guests choose according to taste, not by the attractiveness of the bottle or the price.

Tastings are a great excuse to gather those whose company you enjoy. They’re also the perfect way to taste new bourbons and build your collection. We hope our tips for hosting a bourbon tasting at home inspire you to open your house to friends during these chilly months and warm everyone up with bourbon and smiles.

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