Seaweed sales soar as they become 2021’s superfood

itsu’s crispy seaweed thins are the ideal healthy snack or garnish to an Asian-inspired meal

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As seen in the Waitrose Food and Drink Report, seaweed is set to be the superfood of 2021[1] as they’re packed full of nutrients, offer a range of health benefits and are full of flavour. DR Michael Mosely recently championed seaweed as the perfect snack for good gut bacteria, helping to fight back after coronavirus[2]and Jamie Oliver, once described seaweed as ‘the most nutritious vegetable in the world’.[3]

Championed for its versatility, seaweed is fast-becoming a store cupboard staple. Throw it on a stir fry to add some crunch, sprinkle on a salad for some added vitamins or have as a healthy and delicious snack to see you through the day, seaweed provides a wide range of uses.

itsu’s crispy seaweed thins come in a variety of flavours, from sea salt and wasabi to a sweet soy, with some more exciting flavours to come in 2021. Last year itsu were selling 12 packs every minute with the sea salt multipack making into Amazon’s top 100 selling products [out of a 50,000 strong range]

Our seaweed is harvested from the crystal-clear waters off the coast of South Korean where it’s pressed wafer thin & then toasted [not fried]. The crispy seaweed thins are naturally packed with nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and iodine, a nutrient that is missing in most other foods. They’re also suitable for vegan and low in sugar, with only 22-24kcals per pack.

itsu’s crispy seaweed thins are available from supermarkets nationwide, with an RRP of £1 for impulse, £2 for multipack.

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