Exploring Sheffield’s Top Food and Beverage Companies: A Toast Fried Feature

January 31, 2024
2 mins read

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There’s an incredible level of innovation and quality craftsmanship in the Food and Beverage industry, with companies all over the world creating delicious and unique products. Butt here’s a spotlight we’d like turn onto Sheffield, a city in the United Kingdom, bustling with culinary creativity, where many businesses are making waves in this industry. Let’s take a look at some notable Food and Beverage and related companies that identify Sheffield as their home.

In the series, we will explore the beginnings, the journey and the current standings of these noteworthy companies. We immerse into their brand and delve into their stories, seeing how these businesses sew themselves into Sheffield’s outstanding food scene. Each of these companies brings something unique to the table and today they take pride of place as some of Sheffield’s most successful businesses.

From online food retailers to brick-and-mortar restaurants, to manufacturers, each of these companies has carved its own path to success. What ties them together is their dedication to quality and a shared location. So let’s get started and immerse ourselves into Sheffield’s vibrant Food and Beverage industry.

IC Innovations

Founded by Tristan Cowell, IC Innovations is a key player not only in the Food and Beverage industry but also Consumer Goods, E-Commerce and Manufacturing. The company supplies a wide range of high-quality and great value products to retailers of all sizes. Showcasing Sheffield’s talent for creating products of the highest standard, IC Innovations has firmly established itself within the city and further afield. (LinkedIn)

Approved Food

Established in 2009 by Dan Cluderay, Approved Food is an online seller of clearance food and drink. Offering food bargains, Approved Food specializes in surplus and short-dated stock, food that is either near or just passed its ‘best before’ date. With its innovative business model, Approved Food has managed to find a niche and perfectly fill it. (Facebook) (Twitter)

The Russian Food Company

Founded by Leeza Murina and Steve Jones, The Russian Food Company brings the taste of Russia to Sheffield. Their commitment to tradition and authenticity is mirrored in their products, placing them solidly within Sheffield’s food and beverage scene.(Facebook) (Twitter)

SY Foods

SY Foods is a popcorn manufacturer supplying retailers and wholesalers with popcorn in bags, tubs, and bulk bags. It has simplified the process of buying popcorn for businesses and managed to revolutionize its retail experience.(LinkedIn)


Meadowhall is a shopping mall and retail establishment making a considerable impact in the Food and Beverage sector. It is a hub of multiple food outlets creating an immersive experience for visitors. (Facebook) (Twitter) (LinkedIn)


PHROOTI has innovated in the beverage industry with their all-natural, flavour-packed, no sugar, fruit-infused water. Available in two delicious flavours, the company has developed a unique infusion process that keeps all the fruity flavour and kicks out all of the sugar. (Facebook) (Twitter)

Massarella Catering Group

The Massarella Catering Group has encapsulated Sheffield’s love for good food in their catering and restaurant services. Their commitment to quality catering has earned them a spot on our list.(LinkedIn)

Delicious Alchemy

Delicious Alchemy focuses on food processing and health care, proving Sheffield is a city of diversity when it comes to food businesses. They have blended Food and Beverage seamlessly with Health Care to create products that are both tasty and healthy.(Facebook) (Twitter) (LinkedIn)

Discount Cream

Discount Cream operates in the Food and Beverage industry, additionally offering retail and shopping services. The business is another example of the impressive versatility of Sheffield’s companies.(Twitter) (Facebook)


In Sheffield’s coffee scene, Cafeology is a familiar name. They have integrated themselves into the food and beverage industry with great success, proving that Sheffield’s businesses can keep up with the national trends.(Facebook) (Twitter) (LinkedIn)


Last, but certainly not least, Mamnick is a brand inspired by the picturesque location in Britain- “The Peaks”, they offer products that merge the worlds of fashion, food and lifestyle. Mamnick’s products are made by local manufacturer’s who share the same feelings towards Britain’s manufacturing heritage – a testament to the city’s inherent respect for its history. (Facebook) (Twitter)

To conclude, Sheffield is home to a vibrant Food and Beverage industry packed with businesses spanning from drinks manufacturers to shopping malls. Each of these companies offers something unique and is part of what makes this city’s industry so diverse and dynamic.

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