Kitchen Equipment Every Italian Restaurant Needs

September 14, 2023
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Kitchen Equipment Every Italian Restaurant Needs

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Many people get into business because they want to share what they love with other people. Nowhere is this truer than in the food industry. Food made with love tastes better. If you love Italian food and want to share it with others, then you can open an Italian restaurant. Keep reading to learn about kitchen equipment every Italian restaurant needs so you’re prepared.

Dough Mixer

Italians are known for many dough-based foods, such as pizza and pasta. While some chefs prefer mixing dough by hand, it’s more difficult for a restaurant to provide that attention to detail. If you want to feed your customers in a reasonable amount of time, you’ll need to work quickly. A dough mixer is the answer. While the machine works the dough, your chef can work on other parts of the recipe that a machine can’t do.

Pasta Machine

Making pasta is another hands-on job in most traditional Italian kitchens. However, your restaurant will need to feed a lot of people in a reasonable amount of time. Making pasta by hand will take too long and leave you with hungry, frustrated customers. A pasta machine will speed up this process so you can get your dishes out and keep customers coming back for more.

Commercial Can Opener

Most restaurants, including Italian ones, prefer to use fresh or frozen ingredients. However, you sometimes must use high-quality canned ingredients. When that happens, your staff doesn’t want to slowly hack away at a can with a handheld can opener. A commercial one that can hold the can and quickly open it is much more efficient. Invest in a commercial can opener as soon as your restaurant opens so you always have one ready.

Pizza Press and Oven

Few things are more obviously Italian than pizza, so it should be on your restaurant menu. And because your menu helps you choose restaurant equipment, you should invest in a pizza press and oven. A pizza press will produce perfect pizza crusts that you can load up with the appropriate toppings. A pizza oven will help seal in the delicious flavors of both the crust and the toppings.

Every Italian restaurant needs standard kitchen equipment, but they also need the equipment that helps create iconic Italian dishes. Plan your menu, and make sure your equipment will help you achieve that delicious menu.

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