How To Host Incredible Events at Your Bar

December 28, 2023
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Hosting a successful event at your bar can bring in new customers, boost revenue, and create lasting memories for your patrons. However, figuring out how to host incredible events at your bar takes time, planning, and attention to detail. Here, we’ll share tips and tricks on how to create unbeatable events that will leave your customers wanting more.

Don’t Skip the Theme

Everybody loves a theme, so use this to your advantage! Is your bar located near a college campus? Consider hosting a college night with discounted drinks and themed trivia from a category students will love. Or are you hosting an event during a special season? Try planning the event around a seasonal theme, such as Christmas-themed karaoke or a Halloween costume party. Even if your theme is something as simple as “rustic,” take it and run with it—your patrons will love the attention to detail!

Start Promoting Weeks Before

Successful promotions are key to attracting guests to your event. To get your bar’s event on your customers’ calendars, give them ample notice and get them excited about your event—not the one at the bar down the street. Start promoting your event a few weeks in advance using a mix of online and offline strategies.

For online promotions, make use of social media channels, email newsletters, and paid promotions. You can create event pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as share eye-catching posters on Instagram and Twitter. In the offline arena, consider reaching out to local newspapers and partnering with nearby businesses to distribute flyers or promotional materials. You can even update your bar’s digital signage so everyone who comes in before the event will read about it during their stay. Your bar can benefit from digital signage in so many ways, so if you don’t already have it, consider the investment!

Plan a Special Menu

A special menu designed around the event theme adds an extra layer of appeal and caters to guests’ preferences. For example, if you’re hosting a Taco Tuesday night, pair your tacos with Mexican-inspired cocktails, or offer discounted beer and burger pairings for a “Burger and Brews” event.

Remember to be inclusive by adding vegan and gluten-free options, and make sure your serving staff is well-informed about ingredients and recommendations.

Decorate the Night Away

Visual appeal plays a significant role in boosting the overall experience of your event. Create an inviting atmosphere by decorating your space in line with the chosen theme. Whether it’s budget-friendly DIY projects or professional decorations, well-executed decor will complement your theme and set the stage for an extraordinary event.

With this how-to, you can now host incredible events at your bar. Soon, your bar will be known for its amazing events and happy patrons!

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