Exploring Toronto’s Food Processing Industry: A Toast Fried Special Feature

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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In the bustling metropolis of Toronto, a city known for its diverse food landscape and an epicenter of culinary innovation, a number of food processing companies have established their headquarters. These companies are disrupting traditional food production models by infusing technological advancements and distinguishing themselves in a highly competitive market. They range from startups to established entities, all dedicated to enhancing food processing, and consequently, our dining experiences.

Not only do these Toronto-based food processing companies add a substantial value to the economy, they also emphasize sustainability and promote healthy, locally-sourced food options. This article highlights some of the innovators in the Toronto food processing scene, providing insights into their operations, visions, and what sets them apart.

Whether known for their plant-based fast food, fresh meal delivery services, or autonomous micro-factories for food production, each of these companies brings a unique approach to food processing, enhancing Toronto’s reputation as a hub for food innovation.

Odd Burger

Odd Burger was formerly known as Globally Local and was established in 2014 by James and Vasiliki McInnes. The company focuses on the production of delicious food from plant-based, less processed products through automation and large-scale production. Their mission is to provide people with affordable access to plant-based foods, promoting better health, protecting the environment, and preventing animal cruelty. Connect with Odd Burger on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Chef’s Plate

Chef’s Plate, launched by Jamie Shea and Patrick Meyer in December 2014, provides fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and chef-inspired recipes delivered to homes. Based in Toronto, the online platform has become a popular choice among households looking for convenience without compromising on health or taste. Follow Chef’s Plate on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Caddy is a venture-backed, cloud-based platform developed by founders Andrew Dillion-Walshe, Justin Gifford, and Ron Leung. The platform enhances food safety and traceability by automating food processors’ everyday workflows. Discover more about Caddy on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Relocalize, a venture by Grant Jobb and Wayne McIntyre, builds autonomous micro-factories for food at scale. Their onsite industrial-scale packaged food production platform aims to decarbonize and secure supply chains while improving product quality. The company is currently centered on transforming the packaged ice industry. Connect with Relocalize on LinkedIn.

Herve Edibles

Herve Edibles, co-founded by Frederic Naggar and Sebastien Centner, creates exquisite desserts, macarons, candies, and chocolates that impeccably merge contemporary design with spectacular tastes. The company is based in Toronto, Canada.

Happy Pops

Founded by Leila Keshavjee, Happy Pops offers all natural, handcrafted ice pops made in Toronto. They offer catering for corporate and private events, and their products are available online for delivery or in retail stores across Canada. Engage with Happy Pops on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Good Food For Good

Good Food For Good, founded by Richa Gupta, is a social enterprise working to provide good food for those who can afford it, and donating food to those who cannot. Their mission: “Eat well, do good. Buy one, feed one.” Follow Good Food For Good on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Tim Sotoadeh, Broya specializes in the production of organic food products. Connect with Broya on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Matthew Corrin, Freshii is a restaurant concept serving fresh food designed to energize people on the go. With a mission to make healthy food convenient and affordable, Freshii operates in numerous locations worldwide. Connect with Freshii on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by John Milton Cork and Theodore Loblaw, Loblaws is one of the oldest and most recognized food processors in Toronto. They have a wide variety of food products and an online platform for the convenience of their customers. Follow Loblaws on Twitter and Facebook.

Sonic Milling Systems

Sonic Milling Systems is a disruptive food technology company. Their team of engineers, scientists, and economists are dedicated to producing and processing vegetable protein for human consumption. Having developed processing technologies over the last ten years, they particularly focus on the implementation of hydrodynamic-cavitation.

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