Denver’s Top Food Processing Companies Revolutionizing the Culinary Scene

January 30, 2024
3 mins read

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Dive into the vibrant scene of Denver, Colorado, the epicenter of food innovation in the United States. Known for its rapidly developing food culture, Denver holds the headquarters of numerous companies that are revolutionizing and redefining the food processing industry. This scenic city nestled in the Rocky Mountains has become home to a distinctive yet diverse array of businesses that cater to a wide range of eaters—from vegan power-bowl enthusiasts to cold craft beer connoisseurs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of these ground-breaking businesses and uncover what makes each one unique.

For some, it’s all about convenience, accessibility, and healthy living, while for others, sustainability and boundary-pushing flavors are key. From innovative companies that offer ready-to-cook gourmet meals to those that develop cutting-edge food processing techniques, Denver has proven itself to be a central hub where creativity meets industry. Whether you’re a lover of all things food or a business aficionado, these companies have something to offer, all while contributing to Colorado’s booming economy.

In these companies, you’ll find a passion for nutritional richness, a commitment to sustainability, and a deep love for fostering community around good food. Let’s take a closer look at these pioneering ventures in the food processing industry, each of which calls Denver, Colorado home.

Green Chef

At Green Chef, the focus is on cooking healthy, organic, delectable meals at home. Founded by Brian Popper, Dan Yue, Ling Xiao, and Michael Joseph, this company offers an effortless way to access quality nutrition at home. Armed with a mission to reconnect Americans with their dinner tables, Green Chef promises mealtime that is not just healthful but also filled with good conversation and enjoyable company. Don’t miss out on connecting with them on @GreenChef, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Opopop is popcorn reinvented. Founded by Alex McEvoy, Brad Roulier, Christopher Staley, and Chuck Lepley, this Denver-based company provides a fresh twist on a classic snack. Opopop is an innovative brand that prides itself in the manufacture and processing of quality popcorn products. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Love Grown Foods

Love Grown Foods is a homegrown company that’s committed to providing honest nutrition and loveable taste. Driven by a team of enthusiastic and ambitious individuals, Love Grown focuses on returning nutritional value to everyday foods. Founded in 2008 by Alexander Hasulak and Madeleine Hasulak, you can also follow them on @LoveGrown, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Sustainable Beverage Technologies

Sustainable Beverage Technologies, founded by Pat Tatera, specializes in creating unprecedented efficiencies in brewing, distribution, and draft beer. This company’s novel approach to brewing enables adventurers to enjoy quality beer, irrespective of their location. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Reharvest Provisions

Reharvest Provisions is a maker of single-serve smoothies in a variety of tantalizing flavors. This Denver-based company is perfect for the on-the-go individual with a passion for nutritious and yummy smoothies. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

915 Labs

Founded by Matt Raider and Michael W. Locatis, 915 Labs is all about improving the quality and nutritional value of shelf-stable foods. With their breakthrough technology, Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization (MATS), they are revolutionizing the way food is processed and packaged, enabling the elimination of excess sodium, additives, and enhancers from our everyday meals. Also, check them out on Twitter @915labs and LinkedIn.

Cosecha del Sur Coffee Co.

Cosecha del Sur Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee import and roaster company that connects people and cultures through exceptional Latin American coffee. Founded by Charlie Stephens in 2020,, you can also find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Dynamic Food Ingredients

Dynamic Food Ingredients, founded by Paul Magnotto, is a biotechnology company that uses green electrochemistry for the production of Erythritol and Xylitol. These natural sweeteners not only improve the nutritional profile of food and beverages but also enhance their taste. Connect with them on @dfi_corp, Facebook.

Yai’s Thai

Yai’s Thai is a fast-growing, founder-led food company that brings the fresh flavors of Thai cooking to everyday meals with bold and meal-enhancing sauces. Follow them on Twitter @yaisthai, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Molson Coors

A leading global brewery, Molson Coors appeals to the world’s beer drinkers with an impressive portfolio of premium brands. Founded by John Molson, they can be found on @molsoncoors, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Farmhand Organics

Farmhand Organics is a producer of finely crafted pickled, fermented, and preserved food products. Established in 2009 and founded by Ben Mustin and Jim Mills, these products enhance the health quotient of meals while preserving the nutritional value of natural ingredients. Stay connected with them on @mmlocal, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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