Exploring Santa Barbara’s Premier Food and Beverage Industry Innovators

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Steeped in the charm of Mediterranean architecture, Santa Barbara is not just a city with impressive panoramic views and lush landscapes, but it’s also a foodie’s paradise home to a host of burgeoning food and beverage companies. Among the glinting Pacific Ocean and the staggering Santa Ynez mountains lies a food and beverage industry rich in innovation pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to eat and drink well. This article provides an insight into some of the brilliant food and beverage companies headquartered in Santa Barbara – the American Riviera.

Santa Barbara’s food and beverage industry is a tapestry of companies that ranges from plant-based nutrition to sustainable seafood and health-conscious products. The industry here is one of an inclusive, sustainable future where taste, health, and environment exist in perfect harmony. Whether it’s using the magic of superfoods, making seafood traceable, or introducing the power of remedial plants into our diets, these companies have placed Santa Barbara firmly on the foodie map. So, let’s dive into what makes these companies so distinct.

Renowned nationally and beyond, these Santa Barbara-based companies are as diverse as they are dynamic, with a shared commitment to quality, community, and sustainability. Their unique products and brand stories are a testament to Santa Barbara’s innovative spirit and health-conscious mindset. From the organic, plant-based formulas of Kate Farms to the environmentally responsible seafood of Salty Girl Seafood, and the organic live foods by Bragg Live Foods, one thing they all share is their dedication to providing healthy and delicious products for their consumers.

Kate Farms

Founded by Michelle and Richard Laver, Kate Farms is a pioneer in plant-based nutrition with their range of plant-based shakes and formulas dedicated to both tube-fed adults and children. By eliminating synthetic ingredients and common allergens, the company aims to provide a more wholesome and health-oriented diet to patients suffering from various medical conditions.


Mikuna, helmed by Ricky Echanique, is introducing an ancient lupin named Chocho to the US market. This protein-loaded superfood is grown in the Andes and brings along several health, nutritional, and environmental benefits. Mikuna’s focus on planet-friendly, plant-based protein products is a decisive step towards a sustainable future of food.

Salty Girl Seafood

Founded by Laura Johnson and Norah Eddy, Salty Girl Seafood specializes in sustainable, traceable seafood products. The company is committed to driving transparency and conservation in our oceans, ensuring that seafood is responsibly sourced.

Bragg Live Food

Started by Paul Bragg, Bragg Live Foods remains committed to its founder’s vision of simple, clean, organic ingredients. Their lineup boasts of their celebrated apple cider vinegar and encompasses salad dressings, nutritional seasoning blends, olive oil, aminos, beverages, and more.

Clevr Blends

Created by Hannah Mendoza, Clevr Blends specialises in superfood lattes, delivering a selection of instant and plant-based blends.

Imlak’esh Organics

Dedicated to sustainability and ethical sourcing, Imlak’esh Organics import and distribute a range of superfoods sourced from small-scale organic farmers across the globe.


This Santa Barbara-based company, Alphatox focuses on creating a range of detoxifying blends in the health and wellness industry.

Cashmere Systems

Cashmere Systems uniquely caters to the food & beverage industry with their cloud-based software, providing swift and customized service including EDI integration, label printing, scanning integrations.

Kamran and Company

Kamran and Company is a Santa Barbara mainstay, offering a comprehensive range of catering services for a myriad of events.

Jordano’s Foodservice

An integral part of the local hospitality industry, Jordano’s Foodservice is deeply embedded in the Santa Barbara community, providing premium food and beverage solutions to the region.


Earthshell is in the business of providing disposable packaging for the food service industry. Their unique composite material offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable packaging, underlining their commitment to a sustainable future.

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