Exploring Pune’s Innovative Pioneers in the Food Processing Industry

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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As the gastronomical hub of India, the city of Pune, Maharashtra is home to various food processing companies specializing in an array of different sectors. From the cultivation of residue-free fruits and veggies to deliveries of authentic sweets and snacks, these companies are introducing a unique blend to India’s diverse food landscape. Here’s a closer look at some leading Pune-based Food Industry innovators.

Walko QSR Company Pvt. Ltd.

Founded by Jeetendra Bhandari, Walko QSR Company Pvt. Ltd. is renowned for its highly successful natural ice cream brand, NIC. Sourcing a variety of flavors inspired by international tastes and Indian sweetmeats, Walko operates a manufacturing plant in Pune, and its products are sold and retailed in over 50 Indian cities. Recently, the company also introduced GRAMEEN, a unique desi kulfi brand. Find more about Walko QSR Company Pvt. Ltd. on their LinkedIn page.

Siddhivinayak Agri Processing

Led by Hemant Gaur, Siddhivinayak Agri Processing focuses on managed potato supply chains, providing seeds, inputs, and process grade potatoes to farmers, food processors, and snack makers. The company is dedicated to creating value for the masses across the food supply chain. Get to know more about their work here.

Earth Food

Earth Food, co-founded by Nilesh Palresha and Siddharth Khinvasara, is an online marketplace that offers organically grown and residue-free fruits and vegetables to customers. Their aim is to ensure fresh and pesticide-free products by using organically derived biocides and biofertilizers. More about Earth Food is available on their Facebook page and Twitter handle.


SweeDesi, under the leadership of Vinod Kulhari, is India’s first managed marketplace for authentic and regional sweets. It promises to deliver traditional Indian sweets from their place of “Origin” to your doorstep, retaining their authentic taste and freshness. You can follow SweeDesi on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Roll Mafia

Founded by Vishal Sahay, Roll Mafia specializes in irresistibly tasty rolls and biryanis. With a strong reverence towards the royal kitchens of Awadh, the company brings authentic Nawabi, Lucknowi, and Calcutta tastes in their offerings. Find more about them on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Desi Farms

Spearheaded by Alok Pawar, Prateek Gupta, and Sunil Shahi, Desi Farms provides a wide range of food products. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for more information.

Vencobb Chicken

Vencobb Chicken was founded by Dr. B.V Rao. More about them can be found on their Facebook page and Twitter handle.


Creho is known for ensuring ISO standards are met while producing their products, which constitutemilk tested for five parameters, including fat content and water.Check out their LinkedIn page and Facebook page for more details.

Nilon’s Enterprises

Shri Suresh B. Sanghavi spearheads Nilon’s Enterprises, which specialises in a multitude of food products and operates an extensive manufacturing business. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and Twitter handle.


Co-founded by Bharat Kulkarni and Rohit Kulkarni, Frubites offers healthy snacking options. They provide pure freeze-dried fruits with no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. They are committed to offering gluten-free and vegan-friendly products. You can follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Parampara Food Products

Parampara Food Products Private Limited ensures a hassle-free cooking experience by offering ready gravy mixes for main course and starters in Indian flavors. Apart from this, they also have a range of pickles, taste-enhancing spice mixes, and pappadums in their product line.

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