Drink Review: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

November 19, 2020
2 mins read

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An interesting twist on Woodford Reserve’s classic straight bourbon. The whiskey is first matured in new charred white oak barrels, as usual, but before bottling is transferred to special heavily toasted, lightly charred finishing barrel. This gives it quite a different flavour to normal, with lots of spicy oak coming through on the palate.

Double Oaked Woodford Reserve Review:

Aroma: The alcohol and oak are the first things you notice. After that more subtle changes begin to emerge with notes of maple syrup, vanilla, strawberry (but not overly sweet) and fresh grass. With time I’m picking up some cinnamon as well, and just a hint of kiwi.

Strong and spicy on the mid palate, rye bread, vanilla and maple syrup.Cinnamon, mint, sweet grass and lemon towards the end, on the whiskey’s finish.A long, lingering and warming finish.

Full bodied and toasty on the palate, with a residual sting. The finish is still quite spicy. Exuberant, with plenty of colour and impact. A few moments later less strong and more subtle oak comes through with a waxy, spicy taste, and a touch of cinnamon. The finish is almost minty and seaweed-like, reminiscent of a whiskey with been left in a barrel for far too long. Sweet and lingering and warming and warming Overall: A well-balanced and interesting Woodford Reserve bourbon. The rye bread mid palate taste is quite nice. The oak and vanilla are the standout elements with other subtle flavours of cinnamon, mint, maple syrup and lemon. The wood hints at a greater complexity than you’d expect, with hints of maple syrup and butter to one side, while the finishes are more minty and seaweed-like than you would expect.

Double Oaked Woodford Reserve Review:

I’d class it as a good, well-rounded bourbon, which scores highly on the taste front while the lingering oak is interesting. Lots of spice and flavour, with more subtle hints of vanilla on the finish.Very good for the price and a good change from more typical Woodford Reserve bourbon.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is aged for nine years at cask strength, before being finished for an additional twenty-four months in new charred white oak barrels. The base spirit comes from the same core range of whiskies which are typically aged for three and a half to five years.

The rye bread taste and the oak complexity are the stars of the show here. The finish is a little weak, with a lingering heat and a hit of vanilla in the mid palate. The finish is a little short and muted.

Remember to drink it neat or on the rocks. The flavours of nutmeg and mint are quite strong and at least, in my experience, you might want to try one of the other Woodford Reserve bourbon bottles, as this is quite an intense and strong bourbon.

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This Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is a little too sweet for my liking. A little too sickly too. Strong and oaky but if anyone can drink this stuff neat either they must be sucking on lemon drops or something as this is just simply vile

Normally I enjoy Woodford Reserve and Double Oaked is a smooth piece of liquor that looks to me to be one of the best whiskeys for the price but there is a lot of oak to it that goes a little over the top in my opinion. It’s a little too heavy, oaky and super sweet.

The finish is spicy to start and then evolves into a more blueberry fruit taste. The oak is quite strong and very evident throughout. The oak and vanilla are a really nice mix and a positive aspect of this whiskey.

Double Oaked Woodford Reserve Review:

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is the fifth and final offering in the Woodford Reserve range of whiskey and has a cask strength of 120 proof. Specs.

Firstly there’s a mild bitterness that could be attributed to the alcohol, and is mellowed out a little by the vanilla. It’s followed up by a strong oak with cinnamon and vanilla, oak and vanilla is a very strong combination over much of the palate, it has a very nice big vanilla with strong oak notes throughout.

A nice warm vanilla and oak combination starts at the start of the finish and then it has a great warm and sticky wood taste throughout.

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