Drink Review: Stolichnaya Elit Vodka

November 19, 2020
3 mins read

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Elit represents the zenith of Stoli’s distillation technique, using a patented ‘freeze-filtration’ technique to produce an awesome vodka of unparalleled purity. Pure class.

StoliElit Vodka Review:

This is the Premium vodka from Stoli. The Premium line encompasses the Premium Copper Pot Still, the Premium Pot Still, the Elit Vodka and now the Elit Liqueur.

As with all Stoli’s, it is produced from ethyl alcohol; most Stoli’s have a slightly higher proof than most other vodkas.

Stolichnaya Elit is the newest member of the Stoli family. If the name ‘elitis’ sounds familiar, it is because the Russian-geographical name occurred last time around too. (Modafinil) Elit is just a name though, not necessarily a reference to drinking elit.

The packaging is elegant and sophisticated. Just like the rest of the components of the Stoli Premium range.

The Elit Vodka range seems to be aimed at the premium drinker.

The name ‘Elit’ is a Russian-geographical name meaning ‘the best of the best’.

The vodka itself is produced with a unique ‘freeze-filtration’ technique, which eliminates impurities found in cheap vodka. This Stoli vodka tastes so pure that it produces an ultra-smooth finish and is as clean as a whistle.

It is distilled in Pot Still Vodka and the distillation takes place in Riga.

This is distilled to 80 proof and then double-distilled to get the final 100 proof vodka, which is used as a base in a number of Stoli products, such as the Stolichnaya light, and the Premium pot and jar vodkas.

Pure vodka, nothing added.

Stolichnaya Premium vodka is a little sweeter than other vodka’s I’ve tried. I’m not sure if this extra sweetness is meant to be a trademark? Possibly. But as with all good things, this sweetness is something I welcomed when I tried it.

It is subtle and elegant, not too overpowering and extremely enjoyable in a wide variety of cocktails, The Classic Martini is currently my favourite.

StoliElit Vodka Review 1:

The StoliElit line of products is incredibly new and this is only on the market in limited quantity, so I’m not sure how much the vodka is going to be available through the usual means such as duty free shops.

Personally I found that the price was reasonable enough, as the Stoli Vodka range we discussed in the previous reviews is costly.

So if vodka isn’t something that you do in large quantities and you want Stoli’s finest product, then there’s no better choice than the Elit Vodka.

I can highly recommend Stolichnaya Elit Vodka to the classy vodka drinker of discerning taste. It has all the qualities required to become a firm favourite in my liquor cabinet-quality, excellent taste, good price and the service and quality of the Stoli Premium range.

Stolichnaya Elit is a vodka of the finest quality. For years, premium vodkas have involved expensive distillation, distillation of a pot still or even a column still, while this vodka is produced from the largest still that Stoli has, the proprietary Pot Still.

The Pot Still, used in Stolichnaya Elit, was developed by the Russian Post-Revolutionary Government to produce pure pot-still vodka. The Pot still is an apparatus that includes the two vessels of a large pot with the actual pot still at the bottom in which the liquid is initially heated to a temperature of 90-100°C.

The distillation takes place in the upper part of the apparatus. The distillation continues based on the principle of ‘raw’ distillation. It begins with 80% ABV and by vaporised sugars, but the volatile components absorb osmotic pressure and expand.

Meanwhile, the vapours from the upper part are directed through an automated valve into the lower part of the apparatus thus under evaporation. The condensate of the upper part is transferred to the lower part of the apparatus, where it is attached to the spirit.

The second distillation takes place in the lower part of the apparatus once again for a pure and cold distillate of 100% ABV.

StoliElit Vodka Review 2:

The StoliElit Vodka contains no additives of any type.

The StoliElit vodka is a premium vodka distilled from Pot Still. The Pot Still distillation is, as the name pot still suggests, the traditional method for producing vodka, still commonly used in Russia.

This is the last word in distilled spirits in that Stolichnaya Elit contains no additives of any type, as all of Stolichnaya’s other vodkas do. It’s the water of this Stoli vodka. And that’s why Stolichnaya Elit tastes so pure, sweet and smooth.

The Pot Still vodkas produced by Stolichnaya create the best-quality vodka, not only in Russia, but in the world. Nothing else is comparable to Stolichnaya.

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