Drink Review: Ultimat Vodka

October 26, 2020
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Formerly the most expensive vodka on the market, the quality of the spirit is very good and the handmade cobalt blue crystal bottle is pretty special as well.

Ultimat Vodka Review:

When most people drink a vodka martini, they try to find a top shelf spirit to mix with. When one of the most prestigious vodkas in the world wanted to launch a vodka that was super premium, it was bound to be a winner. Ultimat Vodka is the top premium vodka in the world and it comes in a hand designed beautiful bottle.

Our bar assistant was skeptical as he pulled out the bottle and set it down on the bar. This vodka is pretty expensive and he was concerned that he would make a costly error when making the drink. “No, that’s really good stuff” he said as he began to inspect the color; cobalt blue. As the bartender poured the shot, he saw a difference in the color immediately. He then placed the shot glass on the bar and took a sip, and didn’t speak for several seconds. This was a rare moment as people typically drink a vodka and hold a long conversation during their drink. He finally broke his silence by saying “Wow, this is really good stuff” and he took another drink.

There are two basic approaches to Russian vodka. The first is what they call Potstill. This means, there are no artificial ingredients such as alternative sugars.

The second approach is the type of Potstill you will find in Europe and involves the use of alternative natural ingredients. Ultimat is made with natural ingredients similar to the type of vodka made in Russia. It’s doesn’t have a controversial history of alternative natural ingredients, which is why I guess they call it Ultimat. It is considered a premium vodka. It maintains its vodka qualities very well but drinks stronger. Higher proof than the USP vodka. The flavors it produces are mild and is a great drink that makes a serious vodka martini. It is the flagship vodka of the company. Different than its European counterparts which are often “pearl” or “white”. I prefer the bourbon flavor which is similar to how a 1/2 oz Old Fashioned tastes.

No malt alcohols or other weird ingredients are used. It is made with 5 types of natural herbs (Rosemary, Fennel Seed, Cinnamon, cloves, and cloves). The flavors are often subtle and it always has a smooth finish that is crisp and clean. It isn’t as aromatic as the White label. Other brands of vodka have a stronger aroma, but don’t get me wrong, I think it has a great flavor. Just different.

One of the things I like about this vodka is that it is always made in Russia, and you can take that on the road if you travel through Russia. It is non alcoholic and you can give it to friends as a toast or use it to clean some things.

It has a higher proof that the other vodkas in the market so you need to take a drink or two because of the strength. It is not strong like the Absolut lotus, but is strong enough to warrant trying it. It goes down smooth and I have to say that is the best vodka I have ever tasted.

At my vodka bar, I keep 3 bottles on the shelf and all guests who buy Ultimat Vodka get the cash price of the bottle. I oncet asked a lady, “Do you like this?” “Oh yes” she said, “it is very good. You should have it in your bar.” People love it.

Ultimat Vodka seems to be the Most Expensive Vodka of them all. I was surprised that this vodka was available on Amazon. It seems like I stumbled upon a good thing instead of going into a competitor’s bar and walking out with something better than I could buy locally.

There are some products that you find so good, you have to share it with your friends and friends of friends. There are actually more things that I like about Ultimat Vodka than I even realized.

It has the best packaging and the bottle features Russian history.

This was before the economic collapse, so the Soviets were very generous and efficient with the packaging,

The vodka brands are my favorite in this industry, and Ultimat Vodka might be just a notch below the rest. (I can’t think of brands that are better, but you can leave a comment at the end of the article)

In my opinion, the quality of the vodka is very good too.

A great brand is one that has a traceable history. It didn’t start in a garage or in a basement somewhere. It started in another country and fell in love with another country’s spirit.

Ultra Vodka was developed in a Russian Potstill distillery in the 90s. The founder, Andrei Golberg followed the recipe of Russian Potstill Vodka. But it was made in the US.

Ultra Vodka was sold in the US beside the Stoli Water, but it wasn’t well promoted and the expansion never took off. The company stopped making them in 2005.

But even if the vodka is great, the question is, how good is the packaging?

The Ultimat Vodka packaging is mechanical, not artistic. You can see it in the picture below. And it is simple, elegant, and utilitarian. The bottle is made in a factory that specializes in crystal glassware. The bottle design is colorful and it is hand-made by a company that specializes in crystal glassware.

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Ultimat Vodka Review:

The bottle doesn’t look like anything special. In fact, it is very typical looking. I would have thought it was a domestic vodka.

Even though it looks like a domestically made vodka, the bottle is hand-made in Russia. It is a symbol of Russian craftsmanship.

You can even have it hand-signed by the factory owner and it doesn’t have an inscribed date on it.

The bottle is made of the highest quality crystal glass and it is hand-made in Russia. It is also made in the same factory that makes the award winning Crystal Gliss. Which is an award for crystal glass storage.

The packaging is simple and elegant and it is made in Russia.

I asked two customers and both bought it. They said the vodka was great. The same people found my review and bought it also.

It is worth every cent.

‘Creating the perfect premium vodka took over 4 years and requires an atomic amount of talent. The results speak for themselves:

Ultimat Premium Vodka Review:

If the vodka is exceptional and it’s fun to read about, what else about the brand can be said that is worth talking about?

The vodka is made with 5 Natural herbs, and that is quite interesting. It is also made without any malt alcohol or glycerin. No additives are used.

The herbs used are *Rosemary, Fennel Seed, Cinnamon, Cloves and Cloves.

It is the only brand of vodka I have ever heard of that doesn’t use artificial ingredients.

But what is the point of using the herbs?

Vodka is a distilled spirits that is produced by fermenting fruits, potatoes, and grains such as wheat and rye.

When the product is distilled, it is usually obtained through the process of vodka distillation.

The distillation process begins with the use of three stages. In the first stage, hot water is added to the fermentation mixture to begin the process of fermentation.

In the second stage, the mash is fermented. After fermentation, the mash is allowed to cool and is then

added to the third stage, where yeast is added to the mash.

Vodka is a spirits. It is important to note that all vodka is made from a mixture of alcohols.

‘Vodka has a higher proof than the other spirits in the category. As a result, you will find that one of the most important things about vodka is that it does not disappear.’

When you drink vodka, you need to drink just enough of it. It is a spirit and it is actually a cocktail that needs a precise amount.

You must use a two or three ounce shot to enjoy the taste. You will get the maximum flavor from this particular vodka.

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