Drink Review: Stolichnaya Red Vodka

November 20, 2020
3 mins read

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The original export-market red-label Stolichnaya – a smooth, velvety classic, quadruple-distilled, blended with icy glacial water and carefully charcoal filtered three times.

Stolichnaya Red Vodka Review:


For this review I will rate the vodka on a scale ranging from one to ten. The higher the tenth value the better the vodka. I will take into account what most people consider, but also my own personal taste. Therefore you will not see a vodka getting a higher score than a vodka in almost all circumstances.

The Score (10/10): Stoli Red Vodka is the best vodkas money can get and is the best selling vodka in the world. Other than the very first Stoli Red Vodka that has been sold in the US since 1997, this vodka had been the original Stoli in Russia. Stoli Red Vodka is sold in 128 countries across the world.

I first tasted the original Stoli Red Vodka before I traveled to Russia on vacation. I had never tasted anything compared to this vodka before. This vodka is definitely something special. The Stoli Red Vodka comes from the drink called Stolichnaya (Столичная), this is Stoli’s original name.

So I was very prepared and knew what we we were experiencing when I got to Russia and tasted the Elit Stoli Red Vodka. The original Stoli Red Vodka is something everyone should get some time in his / her life.

Stoli Review:

The vodka is available in 12.7% and 30% ABV.

Personally I prefer the average of 12% and I know many others do also. I know many of you don’t like very strong spirits, so don’t be scared away from the 12.7% ABV the vodka comes in. One of the best reasons to drink the 12.7% is that it allows you to control how much you drink.

Not many people I know drink 12.7% but I can drink 12.7% all day, let me tell you.

I don’t know how many bottles I have drunk in the last eight years, but I must have drank at least a case at least a half-dozen times. I drink Stoli Red Vodka because I like it and because I love to go drinking. If I’m not going to drink I’m not going anywhere.

Stoli Review: Aroma

The aroma is smooth and velvety. It is a perfectly balanced aroma. The Stoli Red is a very high quality vodka.

The aroma is not strong but it is very pleasant. If you are a vodka drinker, you will enjoy the aroma.

Excellent alcohol aroma! (Great)

Stoli Review: Taste

I would say the taste is medium strong (9.5) the taste is very smooth and full of flavor. The flavor is some what sweet and it is not too strong. I can tell you when I drink Stoli Red Vodka for the first time in the US, I thought it was almost too light.

That is not the case in Russia. I have only drank the original Stoli Red Vodka in Russia and when I get the chance to drink the original Stoli Red Vodka in the US.

But to drink Stoli Red Vodka in Russia, always ask for the highest proof you can afford. The higher the proof you pay for, the better the taste will be. They always have the higher proof served to them.

Stoli Review: Flavors

There are many flavors to the Stoli Red Vodka and all of them are honestly great. If you can order the Stoli Red Vodka in the highest proof, the more flavor the higher proof comes in.

Being a vodka lover, I thought the Stoli Red Vodka was very good.

I have to ask myself what is a great spirit to me? Since I drink a lot of vodka, I think quality and consistency are very important.

To me, the ingredients of the Stoli Red Vodka make it a great vodka. It is double distilled which means that it is a very strong vodka and it is quadruple distilled (the best kind). And all of this is done in Russia itself in the largest distilleries in Russia. The Stoli Red Vodka is made from very high-quality ingredients.

The original Stoli Red Vodka is a very smooth vodka. The Stoli Red Vodka is very smooth.

Fantastic alcohol aroma! (Excelent)

Stoli Review: Elegance

Very smooth, velvety and elegant at the same time. A very beautiful vodka.

When I find a vodka for me that I like to drink, I want the vodka to have great origins and some sort of signification. I am a philosopher and Russian literature has been a big part of my life since I was a teenager.

Because the Stoli Red Vodka has such a great philosophy, it is a very smooth vodka. It tastes a little bit sweet from time to time but this trait is very light.

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