Drink Review: Sipsmith London Dry Gin

November 19, 2020
3 mins read

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Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin is distilled from the finest English wheat spirit with ten carefully selected botanicals, and blended with the exceptionally pure water of Lydwell spring, the source of the River Thames. The result is an interpretation of the classic London Dry style that nods to its heritage and emerges as a particularly dry gin with a wonderful burst of juniper and a zesty, citrus freshness.

Sipsmith Gin Review:

At one end of the scale of quality the Sipsmith London Dry Gin offers a wonderful burst of fresh juniper and a zesty citrus freshness that’s even better today with the warmer days ahead. At the other end of the scale, gently rounded with a suggestion of sweet sherry and a touch of spice, it remains unmistakably dry, lightly smoky and deliciously refreshing.

Fill a small glass with ice cubes, pour in two to six millilitres of Sipsmith London Dry Gin, and enjoy its beautifully balanced character. The garnish of lemon peel is optional but it adds a lovely tartness. Sip rather than gulp. This is one that can be savoured for its lingering flavour, not as a prelude to a party kick-off.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin senses include juniper, zest, citrus, light nutmeg, and a hint of sherry. It is easy to drink. An interesting combination of characteristics but not overwhelming. It has freshness and weight, character and depth, an intriguing mix of sweet and bitter. It is well balanced and just very nice, completely drinkable.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin is not chilled or chilled filtered for its entire life, but this does not make it fresh. Sipsmith is distilled from the finest wheated spirit in the market, and bottled without the use of artificial colours or additives. Additional ingredients are sourced from the amazing Worship Street Distillery in Islington. The production team are full of character, and they’re there to do something quite exceptional.

Just for an interesting note, the juniper that Sipsmith Gin uses is of the same tree that James Bond uses in his famous martini in Casino Royale.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin is distilled from the finest wheated spirit in the market. It has more than six botanicals, including juniper, citrus, nutmeg and sherry.

The gin is distilled from the finest wheat spirit, flavoured and filtered via a natural filtration process with a number of fresh botanicals.

It is bottled in the bottles only distillers use, with a distinctive embossed craft-style logo. They keep it in their cool cellars.

Sipsmith Gin Review 1:

Sipsmith is distilled from the finest wheat spirit and is full of natural botanicals. It is the most pure and delicious gin you can find. Sipsmith London Dry Gin is the finest London Dry gin made in the last fourty years. It is a pure expression of London dry gin made from the finest wheat spirit and a family of natural, seasonal, handpicked botanicals.

Sipsmith gins have been distilled from the purest wheat spirit in Great Britain and only the finest natural botanicals have been used to create a natural and unique gin for discerning gin admirers. Sipsmith is the purest and perfect expression of London Dry gin – made with the finest wheat spirit and a family of natural, seasonal, handpicked botanicals.

It smells of joyous juniper, cloves and a delicate hint of cardamom. You can almost taste it too, this citrusy, aromatic burst of juniper and a zesty citrus freshness that is reminiscent of orange and lime zest.

There is just a hint of sweetness on the tongue, as the juniper comes through, and a notably pure and uplifting character.

Sipsmith Gin Review 2:

Sipsmith London Dry Gin impresses. Sipsmith is the perfect spirit for a contemporary classic. Premium, distinctive, refreshing and complex, with a pure charm, this is the new bar standard of English gin.

Sipsmith Gin is distilled from the finest wheat spirit. It is bottled without chill filtration using the age old, natural filtration process. The London Dry style is made with a blend of five botanicals with unique characteristics inspired by London.

The grain spirit is distilled twice and then mixed with juniper and 10 other botanicals to create a flavour interpretation of this classic style.

London Dry Gin is gently and elegantly balanced and to make sure that you can really appreciate the ingredients they do not use any artificial flavouring and they do not chill it. It is distilled twice and bottled at 40 degrees.

The gin’s colour is a beautiful golden orange, light and bright, dense and full of powerful flavour.

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