Drink Review: Myers’s Rum

November 19, 2020
2 mins read

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The pre-eminent cocktail dark rum, Myer’s has retained its original bottle shape and tagline, ‘World Famous, Dark and Mellow’ for several decades. Found in good bars the world over.

Myers Dark Rum Review:

“Myers” dark rum is a superior beverage. It’s renowned for its smooth and emboldening character. The style of dark rum it produces is all that is expected of a summer favourite. It’s the sort of thing you could happily sip while hoping to arrive home safe. It is also extraordinary and exciting and it is excellent. Historically, dark rum has been a fairly inexpensive beverage. This doesn’t mean it is a cheap bit of sell-out sugary swill with no weasel to get you through the day. This is the sort of experience that would be experienced while engaging in a building consciousness and which can only be fully understood with a bit of effort and a stiff drink.

Get one of your favourite glassware and consider heating up the spirit so it’s just the right temperature when you dip it in your glass of ice, pour in a hefty measure of your preferred liquid (I prefer single malt scotch) then sit back and see what you get. Feel the rum burn as the liquid snuggles into the ice like so much waxy honey does.

Dark rums in general are best appreciated in chilled form. If served in temperature hot surroundings or in a hot environment, you have absolutely no notion what’s going on.

Dark rums differ from most other rums on the market. It is a beverage that should be sipped and should not be made into cocktails at home. This is particularly important if you have ever tried to make a “hot” rum and there is a lesson to be learned there. These drinks are to be enjoyed by those that are of a certain age (probably somewhere around 40). There is a risk that the drinker of dark rum might encounter their own mortality in the process of imbibing as they become overcome with the power of the rum. That is a very real possibility and one best enjoyed when experienced in this manner rather than as a mixture with hot water.

Myers Dark Rum Review 1:

Myers Dark Rum is not the sort of rum you would want to serve at a party. It is very bold and is best enjoyed with a more sedate friend to share a glass or two of it. It has been described by many as a “drinking rum”. There is no doubt that this is appropriate allusion as the presence of such a substance could result in having an interesting evening. It is a beverage of this sort that often renders you more interesting. It should be remembered though that you can achieve the same result with clear and cool wine.

Sipping a glass of dark rum is a wonderful thing to do. Have plenty of ice and a great book. Revel in the fact that your “little brothers” are not alive to see this and of course, you are. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Myers’s rum is not the smoothest drinking rum in the world but what it lacks in smoothess, it makes up for with the most interesting taste profile, it also makes you want to tell everybody what it tastes like. It’s very very nice.

Myer’s rum is a truly magnificent experience. It’s very good. It’s not a rum for everybody. It’s a rum for the staggeringly mature who can handle the potential for a real resurrection.

Myers Dark Rum Review 2:

“I thought it tasted of raisins and caramel. It’s very good when you put the ice in and drink it slowly. I prefer this to some of the other rums and don’t get much fuzz.”

“I drank this all by myself and went on a rampage later on. I think I was quite broken by the time morning came.”

Myer’s rum is dark and smooth and smooth and dark. It’s probably the best dark rum out there.

“I was quite drunk and a little bit tipsy but I didn´t feel sick at all. That happens to me with some rums that are too strong.”

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