Drink Review: GT Vodka Original

October 26, 2020
2 mins read

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GT (Grand Touring) vodka is a brand owned by American rapper Birdman. Distilled six times, this vodka brand has appeared in many musci videos from the likes of Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj and Fred Durst. A pure, clean and fresh vodka.

Gtv Vodka Review:

What I like about this vodka:

  1. Delicious
  2. Unique and fresh
  3. A low price
  4. No “almond oil taste”
  5. It has a light taste.
  6. It has a high quality and is made on the large scale
  7. The taste of the vodka is light and fresh
  8. You can make various strong cocktails from it
  9. It has aromas that make your mouth water
  10. It is a unique vodka that is low in calories and has only 4% alcohol
  11. Perfect for the health conscious
  12. It has a light flavor that is unique and fresh
  13. It has an amazing aroma
  14. Gtv Vodka has a positive effect on the body that gives you the feeling that you are healthy, active and strong; I feel very energetic when I drink it.
  15. I have never heard about this brand till I came to know about it from a friend.
  16. I have personally never had any negative side effects when I drink this brand.
  17. Its tasteless and of great quality you are able to mix it with any food item and you will not taste any excess sweetness that would make your drink taste fake.
  18. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, it is tasteless and unflavored. You can mix it with any food item and your drink will not have a fake sweetness to it.
  19. It tastes very good and doesn’t give you a bad feeling after you drink it.
  20. I have never had a problem mixing this brand with anything.
  21. You can add the vodka in your beverages whenever you want.
  22. It has a low price.
  23. It is a strong and potent drink and you need to have more of it

What I don’t like about this vodka:

  1. It is tasteless and no brand name has been affixed on this drink
  2. It has a very low alcohol content.
  3. The taste is not that bad either.
  4. It does not have a lot of “ragas”.
  5. t has no chemical or off taste
  6. I have heavy vein but this one doesn’t give me any kind of a bad feeling.

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Gtv Vodka Review:

This is a product that I would not recommend struggling gikers to purchase. The taste and flavor of this vodka is average: nothing spectacular. However, if you are looking for a reasonably priced, strong tasting, relatively untainted drink, then you can consider getting this vodka. It will give you the benefits of consuming a heavy drink, without giving you an apparent bad effect.

Nayeem: I have been serving in the army and I have also used this product myself and that is why I am saying this product is really good and I am also saying it doesn’t have any bad effects.

Isaac: Honestly this product is great. This product is awesome. This is also my favorite drink. Thanks Birdman! I recommend this to anyone.

Eusebia: Personally I have never been much into drinking but I have always loved this drink especially when I am traveling to indulging in some of those expensive drinks. I am also looking forward to this coming back but not sure when.

Sherice: I like it because it is tasteless and you can use it in any drink. This is a very great product and it is indeed beneficial to the body. Its taste is also great and one can enjoy it with any food.

Erin: I can’t feel any difference in my body after I have consumed this drink.

Jasmine: It does not have any bad effect and has no chemical taste. You can mix this drink with anything and the drink will not taste bad.

D’Von: This is a great product! It has a really nice crisp taste and I would definitely recommend this drink to a friend.

Brandon: I think this drink is great. I really rate this product!

Breanna: This drink is really good! I really rate it. It is really strong.

Fatima: This drink is extremely good. It has been my favorite vodka for so many years. It has a really nice taste and is so refreshing and strong. I would recommend this drink to a friend.

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