Drink Review: Bayou Select Rum

October 26, 2020
4 mins read

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Describing itself as ‘the rum for bourbon drinkers’, Bayou Select is copper pot distilled from Louisiana sugarcane and then aged in the Solera method for up to three years. The result is a creamy rum with a bourbon-esque character, accompanied by notes of cinnamon and maple.

Bayou Rum Review:

Nose: A rich, sweet fragrant nose, with the fruity overtones of the sugar cane clearly evident. The dark chocolate present in the bourbon influence is clearly present, along with lots of raisin with a little oily black pepper to round it all off.

Palate: A more complex style of rum than the bourbon give-away. A little cinnamon and the sweetness of the sugar cane come through, whilst cinnamon and black pepper mid palate remains. The bourbon influences continue to stay clear.

Long Finish: A long and intense finish on the palate. The sweetness from the sugar cane stands out as the most prominent flavour. The rich, heavy black pepper comes along at the end to lead the way.

Not a bad rum, but I feel like there is a lot more that could be done with the sugarcane flavouring in this one. Personally, I liked the Colonel G.G. Brown, but this was a better rum.

Nose: A lot stronger, sharper. A bigger, bolder nose compared to the Bayou Select (which is more of a bourbon style). Dark chocolate is present as previously mentioned, along with a little oily black pepper. The oak is there in the background as opposed to the softer side of Bayou Select.

Palate: Again, the oak presence is there and takes over, despite the sweetness of the sugar cane. There is a lot of cinnamon to lead the way. The sugar cane dominates, with the oak taking a backseat. The finish is long and spicey, with a little wood spice, oak and a nice spiciness.

Nose: Stronger and bigger than the other Bayou (with a lot of nutmeg). More raisin in this, with a lot of cinnamon, and honey. The oak does take a backseat.

Palate: Even more strong than the Colonel G.G. Brown, with the level of sweetness on the palate standing out. The mango and pineapple sweetness shines through. The spiciness comes in at the end and is very nice. The oak is there, but isn’t as big as the Colonel Brown. Nice length.

Long Finish: Smells of a nice spiced rum, but with a nice oak backdrop. This has some great length to it. Great rum.

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Bayou Rum Review:

Nose: A healthy spiciness, with maybe some clove. On the nose, there is a lot going on. The sugar cane and the oak follow the spices into the palate, along with a little honey. This has a really interesting nose.

Palate: The intensity of the pine and lemon twist from the previous bottle continues with this, with a bigger, bolder spice. The sweetness follows the oak nicely into the finish, along with some oak spice at the end.

Long Finish: Long and spicy palatable finish. The sweetness from the Citrus (citrus oranges) and lemon (lemon curd feature) work very well in this. Bayou Special.

Nose: A lot of honey in this, from the sugar cane. The oak is definitely present, but fades pretty quickly. (sienagolfclub.com) This is a nice, sweet nose, but I think isn’t quite as appetising as the Colonel G.G. Brown.

Palate: An oak heavy blend, the sweet sugar cane comes through nicely. The lemon/orange peel does come through nicely, and manages to not dominate, with the oak, lemon and oak spices coming through. The sweetness and spiciness are the highlights of this rum, but at the same time, I do get a little of a small amount of heat in there.

Long Finish: Long finish, on the sweet, spicy sugar cane, with the oak and lemon coming through nicely. Very interesting blend of flavours.

Nose: A lot more oak in this. A nice, spicy nose with the sugar cane and the oaky notes from the previous bottle present, in equal measure.

Palate: A lot more sweetness, and raisin takes centre stage. Some neat woodiness in the background.

Long Finish: Very sweet and spicy. There is a nice spicy oak. A nice finish, really.

Nose: Full of spicy cinnamon and cardamom. This is a very strong scent. There is definitely a lot of oak in the background, but doesn’t overwhelm the nose.

The sweetness and raisin come through very well.

Palate: This is a strong rum, but the power is held back very well. The sweetness of the sugar cane and raisin shines through, followed by an acidity that is sweet, but with a slight burning spice coming through.

Long Finish: Tangy, sweet and bitter all at once. The raisin and sweetness hold the flavours at bay, allowing the acidity to rest. A long finish.

Bayou Rum Review:

Nose: The oak is there, but really isn’t as strong as the other rums. I get cinnamon, but not as much as other rums. This has a tannic quality in the nose.

Palate: Similar to the Colonel G.G. Brown, in the way the warmth is held back in favour of a big mouthfeel, this comes on strong. A lot of sweetness and raisin, along with some spices (ginger). The oak is there, but is muted, and not overpowered.

Long Finish: Sweet and spicy all at once, with a bit of acidity coming through. A nice, sweet finish to a very nice rum.

Nose: This has a very subtle, yet strong, sweetness to it. I could be wrong, but there is a little mushroom and oak coming from the nose. The cinnamon stands out more in this, especially alongside some ginger.

Palate: Big and creamy. The same as the other Bayou. The sweetness is big and bold, with some raisin and some spices for good measure.

Long Finish: Again, this rum is big and bold, and goes flat fast. The acetic acidity comes through with a note of oak to it.

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