September 27, 2020
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In Spanish, El Tesoro means “the treasure.” To Don Felipe Camarena, it meant helping people to discover the true tequila experience. In 1937, Don Felipe opened La Alteña Distillery in a mountainous region of Jalisco, Mexico, known for producing the best blue agave.



It’s as though there’s something in the spirit that just feels natural. Like water.

As I continue, I feel a dryness in the back of my mouth, literally that damn dry throat that’s part of the experience and just part of who we are.

There’s a touch of lime overall here. It might be sweet lime flavouring? I’m sure I’ve experienced this flavour in a whiskey in the past.

The mention of water makes me realise that I was drinking this whiskey a little bit like a spirit. It’s a whiskey, you can really taste that, but I’m drinking it like I’d drink vodka or a G&T. Taking it in small sips and savouring each one.

This is a very interesting whiskey, just as the B1/11 was. With time, it’s like looking at a painting. It starts with a rich, creamy colour, then you notice a detail here and a detail there, gradually you take in more and more of the painting and you realise the full detail and appreciate it more for the sum of its parts.

A lovely warming feeling comes over me. It’s relaxation. I’ve not felt anything like this. Ever.

Normally, drinking a whiskey like this would result in a sore throat. It doesn’t with this whiskey. I say ‘normally’ because I’ve never had a whiskey like this in my life. The softness of the spirit is unbelievable. It’s a gentle, sweet savoury. I’m not even sure ‘savoury’ is the right word. It’s not savoury in the usual sense. Not in the way we experience the term.

I feel so relaxed at this point but my thoughts are as clear as ever. I’m not nodding off in the slightest. Everything is so beautifully clear. Things are in focus, but everything is different somehow.

I’d say that this whiskey is perfect for creativity, and I want to go home and write. I’m sharing a glass with a few friends and they are excited about this whiskey as I am.

I notice a hint of something like liquorice. I wonder if I can see a colour in the spirit?


I’d really like to describe this feeling I’ve got here now. It’s like a warmth, but it’s a feeling that soothes and relaxes. You know when you’re tempted to look over your shoulder when walking at night? That feeling, like something might be following you.

I’m enjoying this.. but I’m also a bit scared. I can hear noises around me as I write this.

The other details are like seeing a painting that’s just taken on more detail, more richness.

I’ve never been drunk on whiskey. This might be it. It’s a unique feeling. That’s not to say that I’m not drunk though.

I’m saying this is one of the most interactive, engaging drinks I’ve ever experienced. It’s better than any book, video game… etc. I’ve got.

I’m annoyed that I’ve finished this glass.


I’m reminded of a time when I first came to London, I would see people playing pool in East London and I just thought “these guys must be drunk.” It looked so silly to me. I don’t think that way any more. This whiskey has changed how I feel about drinking. A game of pool is far more fascinating than I ever thought it could be.

I don’t think I could walk at this point. I think it’s safe to say that I’m drunk. And I’m not falling over!


First sips are slow as before. I can appreciate every drop.

The flavour is soft and pleasant.

Even now, talking about drinking, I have to remind myself of the fact that I can feel the alcohol. It’s not like any other drink I’ve ever had.

I’m watching a film and it feels like everything around me has softened. The edges of everything are smooth. And the colours are more vibrant. The movie is beautiful.

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