Drink Review: Amrut Fusion

November 21, 2020
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Amrut Fusion gets its name from the fact that it uses two barleys: Indian and Scottish – with the latter being peated for good measure. Fusion has been picking up awards ever since it first appeared in 2009, and in 2012 was named the best whisky for a Rob Roy in the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge in New York

Amrut Whiskey Review:

Amrut Fusion 43.3% ABV

Indian boarder and Scottish peat

The first thing which comes to one’s mind when tasting an Amrut 18 is the sweetness and honey which it imparts. This is the time with all whiskies where one wants to keep the glass to themselves and sip quietly, one does not want all the attention to the details.

Amrut Fusion is quite different, it has a spicy peppermint sensation which projects itself quite intently which is a little disconcerting – one must keep focused and sip it down. This whiskeys does not interact differently with the palate.

Amrut Fusion is the only whisky which seems to hit the palate. There is a saltiness which is evident in the after taste, as well as a slight touch of apricot fruitiness.

The palate coating is indeed “light” for the whiskies capacity. But after a while the drink takes a familiar form and offers the final line. The heat is way in the rear sight, and by that time the drink is swallowed.

I have had about five or six Amrut 18 year old, and I believe that Amrut Fusion is the best so far, but keep in mind this is based on an experimental sample.

Amrut Whiskey Review:

I would recommend this to all whisky lovers who appreciate complexities and whisky texts.

Amrut Fusion is a way to preserve and preserve the enchanting drinks of another time. It is a fantastic expression of the Amrut memory.

Amrut Whiskey Review:

Is pure perfection, at a time when everything has already taken a step to the wrong direction.

A fantastic representation of what one is aspiring to achieve with blending whiskies in general and highland whiskies in particular. Amrut 18 is one of the best things that has been done with blending.

It is robust, it is pure, it is complex, it is pure and perfect.

Amrut Whiskey Review:

What a rarity this is. It is a taste of the past, of the traditional distillation method of distilling scotch. So rare to see this technique in practice, pure malt with a column still, it would be better to call this a traditional scotch distillery. This is a traditional distillery which has been converted to produce malt whisky.

Very similar to Teaninich, but instead of Teaninich being the raw material that the distiller wanted, here this is the other way around. There is a weight in this drink as the aroma of the distillery and the distillation process is absolutely dominant.

The only thing which I do not quite get with this is the amount of pot still character which is quite scarce.

The palate is classic, very classic, something which is traditional, something which is very traditional. They are traditional Highlands, they are traditional barley distilleries.

Amrut Whiskey Review:

The simplicity with which the palate carries out its job. This is an old school quenching of the taste buds. This is the old school flavour which represents the older whiskies. Pure grain, very clean, very traditional, very core, very fresh.Amrut 18 is on the edge of becoming a vintage, but it is definitely on the edge of becoming a mature fine old whisky. One has to keep the glass to oneself, the sipping is very important with this drink, one does not want too much of the nose and taste.

Amrut Whiskey Review:

There is something extremely special one can see and is felt in this fragile Amrut memory.

This is the purest of the pure, the most clear rawness, it is very pure and very pure of course. Amrut 18 is probably the purest spirit this whiskey has produced, in a way it represents the bareness of the spirit itself, that it has been distilled pure and superb.

There is no doubt about the fact that both the base and the peat have done their job, this is a peatedAmrut and Amrut 18 is the model for peated scotch whisky, one of my favourites whisky which has been peated.

Amrut Whiskey Review:

It is a metallic sensation which is at the front of the palate, the tinge of the spirit in the palate is what tastes like.

It is a metallic sensation which is at the front of the palate, the tinge of the spirit in the palate is what tastes like.

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