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Different Types of Kitchen Hoods

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Kitchen hoods are the superhero of all kitchen appliances. We can say this with a straight face, and if you can, too, then you know where we are heading with this article. When you prepare food in your kitchen and use the stove to do most of the work, you might notice a strange smell in the air or difficulty breathing. If you are facing this, it’s time to look at different types of kitchen hoods to install in your home.

Wall Range Hoods

Wall range hoods are the most common hood types found in a house. These are an excellent investment and will help prevent unwanted fumes from interrupting the airflow of your home. The wall range hoods are mounted along walls and measure about 28 to 36 inches in length.

Island Range Hoods

If you’ve visited a resort recently, or even a lovely home, you may have noticed a hood above an island. It’s possible to install one of these in your kitchen; however, since it isn’t up against a wall, an island range hood will require more CFM to help it maintain airflow and trap any unwanted pollutants in your kitchen’s air.

Typically, a hood like this is five hundred dollars. But it’s worth it, especially if you have an outdoor kitchen. A local contractor can help install your hood to the ceiling and create a ventilation path for your ducts.

Range Hood Inserts

You can have a range hood without its being visible. These aren’t the typical tops we have been talking about—they’re inserts built into your customizable cabinets. They work the same as a regular range hood. They still have fan attachments, and the only difference is that they don’t have vent systems. This type of range hood is easy to install on your own.

Ducted Range Hood

A ducted range hood, much like the island hood, filters out harmful air pollutants through a ductwork system that leads to the outside of the home. Typically, a professional should install this model.

Ductless Range Hood

A ductless range hood is a little different, as it will clean the air through a filter. For the best results, use a charcoal filter, which will provide essential protection against dangerous fumes. Before deciding on a type of range hood, determine whether you need a ducted or ductless range hood based on your kitchen needs.

With so many different types of kitchen hoods from which to choose, you’re sure to find the one that is perfect for venting harsh air particles from your kitchen. Each kitchen hood type could be a good fit, and each is easy to install in most kitchens. As long as you have the help of a local contractor, you can install your kitchen hood with ease.

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