Desserts To Consider Adding to Your Restaurant Menu

September 8, 2021
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Desserts To Consider Adding to Your Restaurant Menu

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Every customer who comes into your restaurant should have a three-course meal: appetizer, entrée, and dessert. If you are having trouble getting your patrons to stick around for the last course, check out these desserts to consider adding to your restaurant menu.


There is something classically American and nostalgic about getting a milkshake at a restaurant. Also, the beauty of a milkshake is that it’s the one dessert that customers will order before an entrée. The key to starting a successful milkshake business is to design your flavors around the restaurant’s brand. Since milkshakes are just vessels for other flavors, consider creating specific recipes representing the restaurant’s flavors.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Modern restaurants, especially those in highly populated areas, need to have options for people with dietary restrictions. That’s why it’s becoming commonplace to offer vegan options. Having a vegan option for restaurants in smaller markets doesn’t seem necessary, but being the one restaurant in the area with a vegan dessert could be a big draw.

If you do decide to add a vegan option, chocolate cake could be the perfect candidate. Since eggs aren’t essential to the taste of chocolate cake, you can use a substitute that makes almost zero difference in the final product. Also, since chocolate cake is already a crowd favorite, hopefully, non-vegan customers will indulge themselves as well.

Gluten-Free Cookies

If you’re taking care of your vegan friends, don’t forget about their gluten-free brethren. When you’re offering gluten-free options, the instinct is to make a dish that doesn’t require flour, but those are the kinds of foods that gluten-intolerant people can have every day. The real secret is to take a product that isn’t typically gluten-free—but make it with a GF substitute. If you can make it taste just as good as the original, that’ll be enough to get the celiac community excited.

Once you figure out a good recipe to make gluten-free cookies, you can alter that recipe in a variety of ways to create a plethora of options. Then, offer different types of cookies that you can serve with ice cream or another dessert.


Pie is the soup of desserts—but let me explain. Restaurants will often offer a soup of the month, week, or day. It’s a rotating item that typically doesn’t appear on the menu. Pie can work very similarly. Restaurants can keep their dessert menu feeling fresh by rotating through different pie flavors. By offering only one or two flavors at a time, you can encourage customers to expand their pallets and explore the culinary world.

Since pies can be time-consuming to make and require a high level of baking skill, many restaurants will partner with a local bakery or independent cook to supply the pies.

Explore these desserts to consider adding to your restaurant menu, and you can find new ways to get customers excited about coming to your eatery.

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