10 Best Food Blogs Ideal For Beginners

It’s hard to know where to start, but these food blogs make it easy.

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It does sound like a lot of effort to get started with cooking. Utensils, calculating timers. It seems so much can go wrong!

These food bloggers know your struggles. Importantly, they inspire and educate at the same time, making sure they don’t overwhelm newbies. So, it’s amazing that you’re here wanting to improve your cooking – all that s left to do is to learn from the best, and you’ll be a pro in no time!

#1 Building Our Rez

The Building Our Rez travel product recommended by Liz and Austin Alvarez on Toast Fried.

Building Our Rez, run by Liz and Austin Alvarez who are building a wonderful family and community — on and off line. The Alvarez’s offer not only a food blog, but also a do-it-yourself extravaganza of home decor, building hacks, party-get together ideas and general great saving money life skills with relatable, peppy and fun posts.

Specific to the recipes…all are detailed, easy to follow, delicious and healthy so perfect for beginner chefs or seasoned pros. Useful subcategories include: Whole 30, vegan, instant pot (they are huge instant pot fans), desserts and snacks — and everything is searchable.

#2 Go Eat Give

The Go Eat Give travel product recommended by Sucheta Rawal on Toast Fried.

From the founder: I started Go Eat Give as a blog in 2011 when my friends & colleagues were calling me for restaurant suggestions & recipes. The blog has since grown to showcase food tours, recipes, restaurants & travel reviews from over 80 countries; as well as turn into a nonprofit organization that promotes cultural awareness through travel & food. Go Eat Give was awarded most influential blog on culture at events in Italy & Sri Lanka recently. Hope this is inspirational for beginning food bloggers!

#3 Teuko Blog

The Teuko Blog travel product recommended by Jessica Gury on Toast Fried. is the online community for families who pack lunches for their kids. The founders, Jessica and Alexandra, two French moms living in San Francisco, gathered many food tips and pieces of advice from their worldwide community for a yummy and fun lunch packing experience! (Psst, don’t miss the Tips for First­-Time Lunchbox Moms and Dads)

#4 Serious Eats

The Serious Eats travel product recommended by Marius Migles on Toast Fried.

There you will find interesting food recipes, equipment tests, cookbook reviews, product recommendations, and more. It’s even an online shop where you can buy kitchen equipment or buy interesting gifts. The site is very user-friendly and also it has a category for cocktails.

#5 Foodlocator Blog

The Foodlocator Blog travel product recommended by Manuela on Toast Fried.

Personal Recommendation: The blog that I suggest is Foodlocator Blog because besides of a wide restaurant database we also provide convenient information and guidance about food and topics that could help restaurant owners and visitors. Best foods to eat in London, Most predicted trend foods of 2019, Myths and truths about eggs,10 foods that help prevent the flu are just a few titles of our articles which we are very happy to share.

We are 100 percent dedicated to our blog that’s why we give the best of us to write the most exciting and useful stories for our readers which we care about; that’s why our blog is published in 6 languages (English, German, Romanian, French, Spanish and Portuguese) and why we take care that it is updated once a week.

#6 Clean Eating Kitchen

The Clean Eating Kitchen travel product recommended by Carrie Forrest on Toast Fried.

I share easy gluten-free and dairy-free recipes and tips for women recovering from chronic disease.

#7 All Things Sublime

The All Things Sublime travel product recommended by Altimese Nichole on Toast Fried.

Chef turned Food Blogger, Ciara Green shares her love for food and family in a simple, sublime way! Readers learn new recipes that are easy to remake and great for children!

#8 KeepSpicy

The KeepSpicy travel product recommended by Glen Mckenzie on Toast Fried.

KeepSpicy has amazing tips and recipes for beginner chefs, especially those with smaller kitchens. If you are just learning how to cook, you can definitely find Norma’s recipes helpful and easy to follow.

#9 The Cookie Rookie

The The Cookie Rookie travel product recommended by Alondria Jeffrey on Toast Fried.

I AM A FOODIE! I love to eat and experience new foods. It was only a matter of time before I wanted to learn to create my own dishes. I’m a wife and mom of two so I needed to learn quickly. My absolute favorite beginner blog so far has been The Cookie Rookie. Like me, the creator, Becky Hardin, wanted to learn how to cook, therefore, I was immediately inspired. Her recipes are easy to follow and don’t break the bank. She has appetizers, drinks, desserts and more. It really is an amazing blog.

#10 KPOP Foods – TheSauce

The KPOP Foods - TheSauce travel product recommended by Theo Lee on Toast Fried.

KPOP Foods website’s blog, TheSauce, offers interesting posts for people new to Asian, specifically Korean, cuisine. From understanding popular Korean dishes to simple chef-inspired recipes, this blog offers a wide range of great content.

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