4 Best Affordable Coffee Machines for Beginners

October 31, 2022
3 mins read
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Many of us have trouble waking up without coffee. And while caffeine buzz is addictive, you can’t very well find the time to go for a coffee run each morning. Investing in a coffee machine is therefore a time-saving solution. Here, we have compiled a list of 4 best small coffee machines for beginners that will allow you to practice your barista skills without breaking your budget.

Breville Bambino


  • Compact
  • Fast heating
  • Comes with a wand


  • Does not come with a grinder

The Breville Bambino is our top favorite when it comes to a reliable mix of quality and affordability. Although not completely automatic, but it is nothing too complicated for a beginner to handle. It allows you t choose between single and double espresso shots. Moreover, this compact machine gets ready to brew in a mere three seconds due to its thermojet technology. That means less wait, more coffee!

For all the froth lovers, Breville Bambino comes with a manual wand that lets you practice your latte art skills. Although the wand is slow, but that’s preferable for a beginner as it gives you time to stretch the milk and therefore gives you more control. However, this coffee machine does not come with an in-built grinder so you will have to purchase one separately.

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DeLonghi ECP 3420


  • Quick heating time
  • Compact


  • Steam pressure isn’t strong enough to create microfoam

Another great affordable option in the market is the DeLongi ECP 3420. While its plastic body isn’t its most attractive feature yet, you can rest assured that it’s durable and would last a longtime. The heating time is fairly fast, taking less than a minute. This coffee machine is also on the smaller side and won’t take too much of your kitchen space.

What we don’t like about the DeLonghi ECP 3420 is that the boiler is not as strong as desirable. And while using a coarser grind a pressurized basket might solve the problem, but it may also limit the flavor potential. This machine also comes with a manual wand for you to practice your barista skills. However the steam pressure isnt up to the mark. Nevertheless, considering its price; the DeLonghi ECP 3420 is still a pretty sweet deal.

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Delonghi EC680M Dedica


  • You dont need a separate grinder
  • Fast heating system
  • Only six inches wide


  • Doesn’t offer much growth for those aspiring to master espresso

The Dedica’s simple design and ability to brew both single and double shots of espresso make it an ideal machine for beginners. It includes a Thermoblock heating system and can reach 15 bars of pressure, so it can brew in less than 40 seconds. Its narrow width of 6 inches makes it suitable for use in kitchens of essentially all sizes. There is no need for a separate grinder when using the Dedica because it works with pre-ground coffee and single-serve pods.

The most appealing aspect of the Dedica is its uncomplicated design. It’s the best option for those who don’t have a lot of time but nonetheless want good espresso. You’ll need some knowledge of heating milk to use the steam wand effectively. However, it does come with settings that may be changed to produce the ideal milk for latte art or cappuccino.

In spite of its simplicity, this machine is a top pick because of the ease with which it may be operated. An occasional coffee drinker who isn’t interested in perfecting the craft but still appreciates a good shot of espresso will find this machine ideal.

Capresso EC300


  • Reaches 15 bars of pressure for making café style espresso
  • Removable tank that makes it easy to clean


  • Single boiler
  • Manual steam wand

The Capresso EC300 can produce either a single or double shot of espresso, and it comes with a manual steam wand. The 15 bars of pressure achieved by this Capresso guarantee a velvety espresso experience. The dial for adjusting the volume is ridiculously simple to use. The 42 ounce water tank is easily detachable for convenient refilling and cleaning.

The EC300’s ease of use is a major benefit. It’s great for making espresso and supports pre-ground beans. Since it lacks a grinder, you’ll need to purchase a separate appliance if you prefer your coffee ground. A scoop is included to help you measure out your coffee, but it isn’t designed to work with single-serve pods.

This machine would be a great starting point for someone interested in learning to brew their own espresso and frothing their own milk. It’s cheap in comparison to the espresso quality it produces, and even a novice can achieve professional results. However, there is always room for development in your espresso beverages with further education and experience.

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