Why You Need a Built in Grill

July 24, 2021
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Are you giving your backyard a makeover? Are you wondering about the benefits of a built-in grill?

The best grills for most yards are sturdy, attractive, and reliable. Yet some stand head and shoulders above the rest with their ability to entertain your family and guests.

Here’s why you need to consider a gas grill that also creates a unique aesthetic by becoming a part of the architecture.

What is Different About a Built-In Grill?

Unlike traditional grills, built-in grills are part of a fixed backyard structure. They are usually a solid-surface countertop with a wood cabinet that’s supported by masonry. 

Some folks complete the entire station with a full outdoor kitchen. This could include a stovetop, mini-fridge, or pizza oven. You can learn more about pizza ovens at Botanex.

What Are the Benefits of an Outdoor Grill?

Built-in grills create a lovely aesthetic for your backyard space if they are installed correctly. In fact, experts believe that you’ll get a big return on your investment when you create an outdoor kitchen space.

Some outdoor kitchen spaces can seem drab or boring. It’s hard to define which part is appropriate for your company.

However, a built-in grill lets guests know they are walking into a special entertaining spot. It’s easy to dress it up with colorful patio furniture, plants, and awnings for a section of your backyard that is warm, welcoming, and uplifting.

Built-in grills are also a natural gathering spot when you’ve got company. They are larger, so it makes it easy to cook up burgers or steaks for a crowd in a quick amount of time. And who doesn’t love that smoky smell when they’re enjoying a cold beer on a warm summer night?

A built-in grill is also easy to maintain after it’s installed. You can fire it up with the push of a button. 

When you’re ready to clean your grill off, all you need to do is use a wire brush to go between the cooking grates and wipe them down with a moist cloth.

Once every few months, you can wipe down the grill with one part vinegar and four parts water. Once a year, you can disassemble the grill and scrub all the parts with a liquid barbeque and oven cleaner.

Can Backyard Grills Be Customized?

You can get a grill that’s custom-designed for your backyard. You may wish to add unique drawers and countertops depending upon your needs. Talk to your contractor about the best plan for your backyard. 

Some folks enjoy large outdoor grills because they increase their living space. If you live in a home where guests are usually confined to the kitchen and living room, an outdoor kitchen can allow people to spread out during the warmer months. And it can help you enjoy the benefits of nature while socializing with those most important to you.

Plenty of studies show that spending time outdoors can lower your blood pressure, decrease your stress, and ease muscle tension. It can boost your mood, increase your concentration, and even reduce your risk of chronic diseases. 

Meanwhile, socializing with those whose company you enjoy can improve your mental health, self-esteem, and immunity. It can also boost your brain health and increase your quality of life. 

Eating outside can help you cut down on air-conditioning costs, as well as avoid heating up your home with the oven and stove. Outside, you’ll have lots of room for your cooking plates, utensils, and ingredients.

When it comes to purchasing an outdoor grill, you’ll be investing in more than just a nice outdoor furnishing. You’ll be improving your relationships, health, and lifestyle.

What Should You Be Looking For in a Built-in Grill?

Many folks choose a built in gas grill for its look. This is important because you’re doing more than just cooking with your grill. You’re turning it into a focal piece for outdoor entertaining.

Beyond that, however, you also want your grill to function well. You’ll want to look at the quality of the grill in terms of the materials used. 

Some outdoor grills also come with warranties, which shows you that the manufacturer stands behind the product. In many cases, the warranty itself could last a lifetime.

You’ll also want to think about the grill’s performance. Make sure you do a little research and find out high heat capability and heat distribution. You’ll want one with a good temperature range and minimal flare-ups.

Good quality grates and easy ignition are also important. Even if you’ll only be using your grill occasionally, you’ll want to know that it’s easy to start up and a cinch to clean.

Many folks also look for special features when it comes to outdoor grills. These aren’t critical, but a matter of personal preference. You can research them and look for things that will make you glad you made the purchase for years to come.

For example, you may be looking for rotisserie or heat-zone separators. Some people like to cook different items at different temperatures at the same time.

Most importantly, you’ll want to consider the grill’s value. Make sure you’re thinking about the grill’s features, performance, and longevity as it relates to its price point.

Keep Cookin’

If you love to entertain outside, you can’t go wrong with a built-in grill. With an excellent entertainment area that improves your home value, you’ll be reaping the rewards of your good decision for years to come.

Don’t stop learning about food and culinary trends now. For more great advice, read our blog today. 

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