What Is So Extraordinary About Grass-Fed Beef?

August 31, 2022
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What Is So Extraordinary About Grass-Fed Beef?

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It’s no secret that grass-fed beef is healthier for you than conventionally-raised beef. It contains less fat, more omega-3 fatty acids, and more antioxidants. However, there are still some common misconceptions about meat. Here’s why grass-fed beef is so extraordinary for you and your family.

Grass-Fed Cows Don’t Have As Much Fat

One extraordinary thing about grass-fed beef is that is has lower saturated fat than other options. The fat content in grass-fed beef is comparable to that of a skinless chicken. Grass-fed Angus beef has a unique marbling of fats that make it highly sought after and delicious.

Full of Amino Acids

Grass-fed beef is often perceived as healthier than grain-fed beef; however, the grass is not the only factor affecting their health. For example, grass-fed meat tends to be leaner because the cattle are allowed to roam free on a forage diet. As a result, this meat has low levels of saturated fat.

Grass-finished beef contains higher conjugated linoleic acid an amino acid believed to reduce the risk of many illnesses, including diabetes and cancer.

Nutrition First

Many factors contribute to the nutritional quality of your meat. Cattle raised on pasture have access to more nutrients than cows confined indoors and fed only grain-based diets.

What’s for Dinner

Knowing the source of your cuts and being mindful of how the animal you consume was raised before packaging is essential to choosing the right cuts for your family.

Trying grass-fed beef can be a little bit of a challenge. However, there are plenty of places where you can get your hands on this delicious meat.

  • Look for farmers’ markets in your area to find local farmers offering this option.
  • Check the labels. Many grocery chains now carry organic items, as well as cuts of meat that have been raised without antibiotics or hormones.
  • Order Online: Get the top quality and choose how your meat is cut and wrapped when you order straight from the source.

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