What Are the Main Benefits of Royal Jelly?

October 15, 2021
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What Are the Main Benefits of Royal Jelly?

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Royal jelly is a special substance that bees make to help nurture the growth of bees and the queen bee. The nutrient-rich jelly helps a hive when a queen dies, as they can then get a new queen. However, royal jelly is great for human use as well. Here is a small dive into what the main benefits of royal jelly are.

Fights Diseases

Many people believe that royal jelly can help alleviate certain diseases. While this may be true, there is currently little evidence to say one way or the other. However, studies have shown that royal jelly may have positive effects against certain symptoms.

Lessens Menopausal Symptoms

Outside of diseases and their symptoms, royal jelly also seems effective against some symptoms of menopause. Although they’re not conclusive, some studies did show positive connections between eating royal jelly and better quality of life for people experiencing menopause symptoms.

Useful When Applied to Skin

There is little medical evidence for its effectiveness, but people have started applying royal jelly for hair growth. You can apply it to either your skin or scalp as a tonic that may help with hair growth.

Contains Nutrients

People haven’t run studies on royal jelly for very long, so the full chemical composition isn’t fleshed out yet. But royal jelly typically contains vitamin B and several proteins and fatty acids. The rest consists of trace nutrients that may benefit the body, though the exact contents of the jelly change depending on the local environment around the jelly when it’s still in the hive.

Unfortunately, understanding the main benefits of royal jelly is a bit difficult right now, as there haven’t been enough studies on its effects on humans for us to fully understand how we benefit from it. But these benefits are what the studies are currently leaning toward. So if you ever want some supplemental royal jelly for yourself, you can find and buy some online without issue.

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