Tips for Slicing Different Cuts of Beef

February 17, 2021
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Tips for Slicing Different Cuts of Beef

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It may seem like an unimportant part of eating, but the way you slice meat can have a large impact on the taste of the food. Before and after cooking, there are many different ways to cut beef. Here is more information on why the cut is important and several tips for slicing different cuts of beef.

Against the Grain

To slice properly, you must cut into the meat against the direction of the muscle fibers. This is true for any steak cut and many other cuts of meat as well. This is especially important for tougher pieces of meat, such as cuts from the chuck, round, and flank. Slicing against the grain helps prevent moisture from escaping while cooking and eating. It’ll add more flavor and tenderness for all cuts, even those from the strip, sirloin, and rib eye.

Proper Tools

There are several important tips for slicing different cuts of beef involving tools. When cutting the meat yourself, be sure to use a meat carving knife for the best results. This allows the chef to produce thinner, more precise slices. The obvious caveat is to ensure your knife is sharp. A dull blade will get you nowhere and will result in poor carving.

Ask the Butcher

If you are concerned about having the right tools at home or you simply want to make sure the job is done right, ask your butcher for help slicing the meat when placing your order. They have been doing it for years and know just what it takes to bring out the best flavor. A butcher’s skills in slicing meat often demonstrate the knowledge they possess on how to properly prepare meat for the best results. Don’t be afraid to reach out and use them as a food resource for help identifying tender meat cuts, possible substitutions for out-of-stock items, and even drink pairing options.

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