Tips for Organizing and Storing Produce in Your Fridge

June 9, 2022
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Tips for Organizing and Storing Produce in Your Fridge

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Whether you have fresh produce or leftovers from a restaurant, your fridge should stay clean and bacteria-free. Discovering something growing in your fridge can be a terrifying sight. Use these tips for organizing and storing produce in your fridge to prevent discovering a science project in the produce drawer. Before you know it, it’ll look straight out of a magazine!

Track Leftovers

When you bring home food from a restaurant or have some additional servings of a homemade meal, storing it as leftovers will provide you with an extra meal for the future. However, ensure that you reduce food spoiling by writing an “eat by” date on your containers. Additionally, keep your leftovers toward the front so that you don’t forget they’re there.

Install Turntables or Lazy Susans

There’s a chance that your fridge lacks storage space. You can remedy this by installing a lazy Susan or a turntable so you can see everything at a glance. You can properly wash and store your dark leafy greens in a container and place it on a turntable so you can quickly grab them to make a salad for later. You can also place sauces, juices, and other products there for quick access.

Use Bins in the Fridge and Freezer

A must-know tip for organizing and storing produce in your fridge is using containers. When you keep fresh produce in the refrigerator or freezer, you can label the bins for easy finding. It also helps produce last longer and saves you money in the long run.

Keep Your Fridge Clean

Use Containers and Easy-To-Clean Shelf Mats

Containers and mats are an excellent way to reduce spills and crumbs from spreading around your fridge. If you have a lot of products that create moisture or leaks in the refrigerator, using an easy-to-clean mat will help with cleaning at a quicker pace. Additionally, containers will help keep everything organized and categorized.

Keep Baking Soda in the Fridge

Baking soda isn’t only for baking cakes—it’s a natural deodorizer. You can use an opened box of baking soda and put it directly in the fridge to help reduce odors. Remember to replace the box every three months for maximum effectiveness.

Keeping your fridge clean and organized will reduce waste and prevent food poisoning. It’s a chore you can gladly cross off your list, and the fridge will look beautiful when you finish.

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