The Best Meals Cyclists Can Prepare at Home

August 27, 2021
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The Best Meals Cyclists Can Prepare at Home

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The best meals cyclists can prepare at home aren’t necessarily what one might consider “light”—in fact, they incorporate filling components such as protein, carbohydrates, and dairy. With these ingredients, you can make various meals to prepare for your week of cycling.


Dairy is great for warding off high blood pressure. Dairy drinks are also tremendous for post-cycle rehydration. Dairy has calcium, vitamin D, and potassium, and it helps rebuild muscles after a great cycling trip. Some notable dairy products include yogurt, nonfat milk, and cheese; try a yogurt parfait for breakfast.


You want to make sure you choose the right source of calories for cycling. Healthy fats are often helpful sources, but protein is particularly excellent for rebuilding lean muscle and burning more calories. Consuming protein also helps the body produce hormones and enzymes, and it fights sickness by strengthening white blood cells. Notable examples of protein are fish, tuna, beef, red quinoa, butternut squash, and chicken, all of which you can use to create a healthy, filling, energizing dinner.


Carbohydrates are another calorie source that’s great for the brain and muscles. They give you energy to help you bike longer and at a higher intensity, and they help with recovery once you’re done exercising. A few examples of carbohydrates are pasta, oats, whole-grain cereal, rice, and potatoes; all of these provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Some other best meals that cyclists can prepare at home include bean soups and baked potatoes.

Notable Snacks

Some great snack ideas for cyclists include pretzels, peanuts, and seeds, whether you consume them separately or together as trail mix. Other notable snacks are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and any form of energy bars as well as vegetables—especially the green ones—and fruits such as bananas.

When you’re thinking about meals to make before your next cycling session, don’t stress. Allow your creativity to lead the way.

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