Showcasing London’s Premier Food and Beverage Industry Leaders

January 30, 2024
3 mins read

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London, England, represents the heart of the United Kingdom’s diverse food and beverage industry. Here, innovation meets tradition, culminating in a variety of companies that provide unique food and beverage experiences. From fighting food waste to creating plant-based meat alternatives, these brands based in the capital are leading the industry to new horizons. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting names in the scene right now.

Whether you’re a foodie looking to explore new tastes, an investor seeking exciting opportunities, or simply curious to know more, these companies offer a glimpse into the dynamic blend of tradition and innovation that London’s food and beverage landscape boasts. All the companies in our list are dedicated to making their mark in their respective fields of the industry.

Together, they represent the vibrant diversity and the creative vitality of London’s food and beverage scene. So grab a cup of tea (or perhaps a glass of wine), sit back, and get ready to embark on a refreshing culinary journey to the heart of London.

Flint Wines

Based in the City of London, England, “Flint Wines” is an esteemed wine merchant supplier. Established in 2006, the company has earned a reputation for its carefully curated selection of burgundy wines and America’s west coast wines. Serving a clientele of restaurants and wine merchants not only in the UK, but around the world, Flint Wines continues to be on the list of top UK wine suppliers. Find out more on their LinkedIn page. Follow them on Twitter @flintwines.

Too Good To Go

Launched in 2015, “Too Good To Go” is a unique software that contributes to the fight against food waste. Using their innovative app, consumers have a chance to save delicious food otherwise destined for the landfill, truly making a difference. This London based startup aims to create a world where food produced is food consumed, and they are certainly making strides towards their vision. Connect with them via their Facebook page and @toogoodtogo_uk.


“Diageo,” offering an array of premium beverage alcohol brands including spirits, beer, and wine is a company steeped in tradition, with its roots tracing back to founders Alexander Walker, Angus McDowell, and Arthur Guinness. Its varied portfolio includes Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Smirnoff, Cîroc, and many others. Connect with Diageo through their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter @diageo_news and Facebook.


“Multus” is a London-based company operating in the intersection of agriculture, biotechnology, and most notably, the food and beverage industry. Offering machine learning-based solutions for the growth of cultivated meat, Multus strives to help the meat industry scale sustainably and affordably. Established in 2019, the company is indeed a fresh player making significant strides. Stay connected with them through @multusmedia and their LinkedIn page.


As London’s first and only wonky and surplus veg box delivery scheme, “Oddbox” is all about combatting food waste in the UK. By purchasing and redistributing fresh and perfectly edible produce deemed not suitable for supermarket shelves, they are tackling food waste one box at a time. Follow their fight against food waste via their Facebook page, @oddboxldn, and LinkedIn.


Everyone in the UK is familiar with “Deliveroo.” This London-based food delivery service, founded in 2012, is a household name when it comes to getting food from your favorite restaurants delivered straight to your door. Stay in touch with Deliveroo through their Facebook page, @deliveroo, and LinkedIn.


“OLIO” is a free app connecting neighbors so surplus food and other items can be shared, not wasted. OLIO encourages community building and sustainability by reducing food waste one neighborhood at a time. Established in 2015, this London-based initiative is an innovative answer to food waste, one app at a time. Connect with them on @olio_ex, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


“THIS” is revolutionizing the food industry by creating plant-based meat that satiates even the most devoted meat-lovers. Their animal-free meat alternatives are fortified with vitamin B12 and iron, promoting a healthy and guilt-free diet. Follow their journey in redefining what it means to ‘eat meat’ via @thisisntmeat, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


“Gousto” is the answer if you’re looking to cook delicious meals at home with fresh and organic ingredients in just the right proportions. This London-based company, started by two friends in 2011, simplifies home cooking by eliminating the need for shopping, planning and food waste. Connect with Gousto on @goustocooking, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


“AllPlants” operates as UK’s vegan meal delivery service, and pioneers plant-based living. Their dishes are not only delectable, but also conveniently delivered in 100% recyclable and partly compostable packaging.
Connect with AllPlants on @allplants, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Dash Water

“Dash Water” brings to you naturally infused water, a flavored delight using wonky fruit and veg. This innovative approach towards using surplus produce definitely gives that extra dash of sustainability in every sip. Follow their journey on @DashDrinks, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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