Seattle’s Premiere Seafood Companies: A Culinary Voyage in Pacific Northwest

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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The city of Seattle, nestled in the great state of Washington, is known globally for its bustling seafood market. The waters around this Emerald City yield a bounty of fresh fish caught sustainably, making it a power player in the global seafood industry. Numerous companies have established their headquarters here, right in the beating heart of America’s fishery sector. This article explores some of the leading companies in this industry, all based in Seattle, that have set the benchmark for quality seafood products on a global scale.

These companies span across various sub-sectors within the seafood industry – from food processing and beverage companies, local businesses, manufacturing firms, restaurants, to wholesalers. They underline the vast reach and diversity of the seafood sector in Seattle. So, prepare to dive deep into the realm of Seattle’s seafood industries, as we unravel the unique strengths of these companies, both old and new.

Noteworthy to mention these companies’ processes are environmentally sustainable and they are continuously evolving their methods to maintain the highest levels of quality and freshness. Now, let’s journey down a path of discovery to these seafood companies situated amidst the breathtaking vistas of Seattle.

Phoenix Processor

Phoenix Processor specializes in preparing cooked frozen fish and other seafood preparations. The company aims to process freshly caught groundfish into a quality product which can be marketed globally. Phoenix Processor is located in Seattle and serves the SS Ocean Phoenix and the M/V Excellence.

Arctic Storm Management Group

Arctic Storm Management Group, another seafood giant anchored in Seattle, caters to the fishing and processing operations of four fishing vessels. Their operations span far and wide, from the cold waters off Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. Visit their Facebook page.

OBI Seafoods

OBI Seafoods functions in the commercial, food processing and manufacturing sector of the seafood industry while also providing successful supply chain management solutions. Connect with them through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Orca Bay Foods

Orca Bay Foods, another Seattle-based company, produces wholesome seafood using ingredients from the sea like micro-algae. This positions them as a provider of healthy, sustainable plant-based alternatives to conventional meat and fish products. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Seattle Shrimp & Seafood

Seattle Shrimp & Seafood stands out as a foremost name within the seafood wholesale sector. Visit their LinkedIn page for more details.

Norpac Fisheries Export

Norpac Fisheries Export operates in Seattle and is known for its world-class seafood products. Check them out Twitter and Facebook


Ivar’s, founded by Ivar Haglund, operates a chain of seafood restaurants throughout Seattle. Explore their mouthwatering menu options at their Twitter and Facebook pages.

United States Seafoods

United States Seafoods, a leading seafood retailer, is another company that operates from Seattle. Visit their Facebook page to learn more.

Scandinavian Specialties

Founded by Liv Benschine, Scandinavian Specialties offers a range of seafood cuisine inspired by Scandinavian flavours. Join their culinary journey on their Twitter and Facebook pages.


O’Hara is a Seattle-based company that excels in the Food and Beverage, Marine Technology, and Seafood sectors. Visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

Leader Creek Fisheries

Leader Creek Fisheries, operating since 1999, focuses on producing the finest Bristol Bay Sockeye fillets. They have been pioneers in implementing the latest handling and quality best practices in the industry, operating with a 100% refrigerated fisherman fleet. Join their journey here.

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