Restaurant Grand Openings and What To Expect

January 7, 2022
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Restaurant Grand Openings and What To Expect

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Planning a grand opening for a dream restaurant requires time, effort, patience, and money. It felt like it took forever, but thankfully, you found a perfect location, assembled a dedicated team, and finished preparing the menu. All you have left to do is host a grand opening and let your business thrive.

How you establish your business will affect its future outcome, either positively or negatively. Putting in additional time to understand restaurant grand openings and what to expect will lessen your chances of failure and push you toward success. So, take a look at these tips and get that celebration party going.

Do a Massive Giveaway

One of the most optimal tips for restaurant grand openings and what to expect is giving new customers a generous giveaway. Sometimes, a phone giveaway might not offer enough interest if customers already have one.

Luckily, you can always partner with another business and offer an enticing giveaway like a week-long out-of-state trip. That way, you will increase public awareness of your business and show your dedication to making your customers feel appreciated and special.

Offer Food Vouchers or Coupons

No one likes turning down “Buy One, Get One” deals at their favorite shops and restaurants. Take this to the next level and provide many coupon variants to keep things interesting. Ensure the coupons are redeemable during the opening weeks of your business to keep customer intrigue high.

Coupons such as “25 percent off a purchase over $75” or “Gift with purchase of $100” will keep customers coming back and wanting to try more items on your menu. Additionally, it will allow customers to bring their friends and family to receive tempting deals.

Keep Customers Healthy and Happy

Customers either maintain a business or cause them to close shop. So, keeping your customers happy and healthy will keep your business afloat while creating a dedicated clientele. The last thing you want is to scramble, trying to figure out what to do if someone gets food poisoning from your restaurant.

Ensure that your business enforces proper sanitation and safety regulations to prevent incidents. Accidentally spreading an illness or seeing a customer slip and fall can significantly affect your business, so make sure everything is in order.

Celebrate With a Party

Lastly, one of the most fun aspects of opening a business is hosting a huge party. Offer a special with unlimited mimosas or appetizers to satisfy family, friends, and customers. Additionally, have eye-catching decorations and a fun playlist that will keep everyone relaxed and invite them to dance the day away.

Provide some games and activities for your customers to participate in, such as bags or card games, to keep the conversation going. It’s a great way to thank everyone who helped you get your dream off the ground.

Opening your dream restaurant takes a lot of bravery and research. While you plan everything out, remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

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